Dish of the Month (DoTM) – MAY 2016 – KOREAN


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Milky chicken broth with tender chicken.
[/quote] Yummm… and love all the fresh green.




Would def recommend checking out. It can get busy on the weekends for dinner though.


The way you dine is always so impressive.


I would very much like to try it, along w/a few other places on this thread. I’m a chicken lover. @Sgee 's new favorite Gonjiam was also on my list - cows head soup & the infamous army stew. But, after Buil Samgye Tang, the only Korean my peeps will agree to will require smoke, fire & red meat. As a few of you have pointed out, a Korean meal is best in a group.



the pre-cooked pork ribs. good flavor, but i put them on the grill to give them some char.

we’d already finished the order of pork belly before it occurred to me to snap a pic of the grill:
large intestine, abomasum (they also include tripe in the “A” selection for only $11.99) and beef bulgogi.

their version of cheese corn - no mayo - and you have to ask for it for them to bring you some

beef bulgogi in the middle, pork bulgogi with bean sprouts, and spicy pork skin on the top edge. you need to be patient to get that to crisp up, and the waitresses kept turning down the heat, so we kept turning it back up.

beef brisket and chicken. it’s probably the cheapest meat on the menu, but there’s something about juicy grilled chicken that hits the right notes for me.

an “A” KBBQ menu at $11.99 that includes large intestine, abomasum AND tripe as choices might sound offal to you but it was a winner as far as i was concerned.


@theoffalo should be all over it.


Jopok Topokki

Clockwise from top left
Oden like fish cakes.
Spicy ddeokbokki (stewed rice cake)
Bouncy soondae (blood sausage) accompanied by offal [liver, intestines, heart(?)],

Full post here: Jopok Toppoki - Korean street food favorites


Oh, description the dishes, please. :slight_smile:


Park’s BBQ K-town
After taking hubby to Buil Samgye Tang, and seeing his face when he realized there were only 3 items on the menu and they were all chicken soup, I had to treat him to some good ole smoking, sizzling beef. Sooo delicious.

I’m not even going to try to use all Korean names. I’ll be googling all night. Feel free to help me out.

They have a nice selection of Banchan. My favorites were the Kimchi w/Octopus & Cucumber, the fresh Cabbage Salad, these greens that tasted like a combo of spinach & cilantro. I don’t feel bad not knowing what it was… the waiter didn’t either. Their fermented bean paste is my new favorite condiment.

We ordered the P1. I also wanted the Beef Tongue. But the waiter said that was too much for 2 adults and a 5 yr old.

I don’t have more pictures of the meat. We were so hungry I forgot.

I know the favorite is the marinated Bulgogi and other marinated meats. But, I really like the thin Brisket and this other cut of beef (flower meat maybe) that was tender, sliced thin w/some crispy fat on it.

We washed everything down with some ice cold Hite Beer.

Little man’s favorite thing - besides pushing the button and irritating the waiters - Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Service was super friendly… and patient. A good time was had by all.


Even though there are new KBBQ spots opening all the time, I still have a soft spot for Parks.


While the food is good, I find the place sterile and lacking the convivial vibe that makes KBBQ so much fun.


that made me laugh, probably an inordinate amount.


Omg they have combos now? That is most excellent news.


True. I have friends who prefer KBBQ spots with a little more action. But, it was perfect for us. The food, service is really good, and it’s properly ventilated. We didn’t have to worry about smoking out the 5 yr old.


Lol… I know. I felt so bad.


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they have combos now
[/quote] Not one bad cut of meat in the combo. It’s a testament to their quality that I actually preferred the non-marinated cuts.


I also prefer the unmarinated cuts there. The unmarinated bone on kalbe is the best and I think the most expensive item on the menu. Good quality brisket is one of my favorite Korean BBQ items.


it seems to me that a significant portion of korean cuisine can probably be described as being sauced or spiced to excess, sometimes to mask inferior ingredients, with dishes such as budae jjigae, for example, but i’d like to think that the best chefs, regardless of ethnicity, know to get out of the way when they have quality ingredients.


Or to prevent or mask spoilage back in the day before refrigeration.

I remember stumbling on a forgotten carton of takeout Indian curry which had been in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. It was probably bad but I couldn’t detect any off odors…which probably came in handy a couple of hundred years ago in India with the hot climate.