Dish of the Month (DoTM) – MAY 2016 – KOREAN


Seongbukdong’s Mackrel

Very little fish. A lot of cabbage and daikon. Some parts are better than others.


Happy place. Got a bunch of skewers (intestines and gizzards). Only really liked the pork belly. The corn cheese. God I love this.


do you like Dan Sung Sa? It seems like such a great spot. I was there for some last minute drinks before hitting Sun Nong Dan a week ago and the free beef soup with the Sochu might’ve been better than the subsequent galbijjim in terms of flavor and spiciness.


I am a soju noob, so I never order it. I’ll have to go with some Korean friends.

I gotta try that beef soup!

Went to Mapo Chicken. My phone is being dumb, will post when I get a chance


Mapo Galbi. Been wanting to try this place for awhile!

Sweet potatoes, rice cakes, and chicken with hot sauce.

Cabbage and more sauce.

Some banchan

Sesame leaves and this afternoons entertainment, Ellen and some male dancers lol. It’s done and ready to eat. Also cheese.

Sweet and spicy. Massive amount of hot tasty food.

Next is the fried rice!!

Even better with the salt from the nori.

Was the only customer so I got the owners full attention. Can’t wait to come back here with a large group…

Also went to

White Russian


I should’ve gone to Mapo probably.

I went back to Dan Sung Sa a couple nights ago, and I’ve been feeling pretty sick since. Maybe the gizzard skewer wasn’t cooked well enough? Not sure. Probably should’ve got deep fried gizzards.

At the time thing a were pretty tasty though. Fire chicken is really pleasant and the spicy marinated wings, although not spicy are super succulent and strangely addicting, great with the side salad. Potato pancakes were not mind blowing but had a great salty sauce and go wonderfully with sochu. The ddeokbokki was semi spicy and had lots of nice textures from assorted fish balls boiled eggs, and rice cakes in its earthy red sauce. It’s too bad I ended up feeling so sick after because at the time it mostly tastes pretty good. The free beef stew with the Sochu might have remained the tastiest dish though.

With 3 bottles of Sochu and 2 rounds of beer it ended up costing $150 for three people though which feels somewhat pricey to me somehow for light drinks and late night snacks, but weirdly enough the food was only about $60 of that total… Fun spot but I think I would rather spend $30 per person drinking at different spots in general. It is a fun vibe though.

Guzzards and Fire Chicken Skewers

Spicy Marinated Fried Chicken Wings


Potato Pancakes


Lunch in Koreatown

Forget that unmarinated Poke at Hula Fish Maui Wowi Ohana Mama Poke Company.
And lol at Yelp reviews calling this Korean poke. Koreans got a raw fish rice bowl that is a delight to your mouth and wallet.

Unmixed and Mixed(rice and gojuchang)

Perfect on this warm day and fitting.


please excuse me but could you tell me how
to pronounce the name of that beer?
i’ve always wondered.

and if you say “la dodgers” i’m going to boil your bunny.


rhymes with kite
same as one pronounces height


LOL@ Linus. Bob is correct.

Sweet rice and barley slush drink at Awoolim at KTown Plaza. Refreshing!!

$5 card minimum here fyi. So I got…

Rice cakes. Nice and crisp on the outside.
I am full as hell right now.

Oh if you like Chrsythamneum (spelling? You know what I mean), you will LOVE this drink. Perfect, what I personally call " East Asian" sweet.


Even this Kpop/drama star likes it!!!


many thanks.

oh and to jeetkunebao for the extra confirmation.


F-in’ bottomless pit. Lucky you!


ek-strah kohl-duh


In case you needed some cola


I did not know of the existence of this thread. Thanks, guys. I’m going to read through it later. And practice my Korean language skills.


Hah - I’m first in line for once! :kissing:


o.k. that made me laugh.


Han Yang in Buena Park, known for the bone soups and katsu…

BUT this mustard green kimchi is easily one of the best banchans I ever had, that includes Soban and Sa Rit Gol.

I wish I had a jar of this.

If you guys are ever in Orange County…

F it, my favorite banchan. Bitter, slightly sweet and spicy


checked out Gen kbbq in Northridge yesterday. 2nd time at Gen, first time at Northridge location

Banchan selection was small but probably geared towards their target market. Meal quality was pretty decent, with brisket being a total standout that day, galbi a close 2nd, and bulgolgi a close 3rd. Service was also surprisingly exceptional, given how busy they were. Had no issues getting stuff ordered, got our grills cleared out w/o asking, etc. Maybe it’s cuz we were right next to the waiter stand.

They were out of Hite though, and the “rice cakes” on the menu were absolutely terrible.

At $22pp for AYCE I can’t argue.

best part of the night: we were outside waiting for our table (in the parking lot, not by the doors) and Gen was in the middle of a shift change. One of the waitresses comes running out and screams something to the effect of “and I never have to work here again!!!” Caught her giving Gen the double middle finger while presumably taking pictures for her facebook page.