Dish of the Month (DoTM) – MAY 2016 – KOREAN


It took me a few secs to realize what I was watching (or hearing, I guess). And then I started laughing so hard that I was crying. The part of me that watched (and liked) Girls is struck by the stunning juxtapostion of feelings of deep ambivalence and inexplicable titillation created within me by the possibly racist and misogynistic overtones of the video…


Han Yang in Buena Park.

Great bone soups, just as good as anything on Western in KTown. The kimchi, particularly the mustard green kimchi is some of the best in LA/OC.

They got a new dish that I’ve never seen before. Not even Jeon Ju has this.

Wild Thistle Rice:

Taste like a cross between seaweed and spinach with a little nutty flavor. Very simple dish, but very tasty. Of course had some nice crispy rice on the bottom. Never seen this dish anywhere else.


Hit Jeonju for lunch the other day. The kimchi dolsot bibimbap is totally the way to go here. You get the same short rib as the plain but the kimchi adds some great salt and funk to the dish. My only complaint is they don’t use enough sesame oil.

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

Korean Food

Agree–this is the best one. Also, they have a great cod dish.