Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MAY 2017 -- FRUIT


But which has the more intense strawberry flavor?


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[/quote]Lovely pictures!


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I thought these were more than worthy enough to mix in with Harry’s Gaviotas. I garnished these with some elderberry liqueur and some mint
[/quote]Wonderful. Nice report!


After further investigation, I recant my previous statement. the gaviotas are juicier, sweeter, and more strawberry-y.


That’s pretty much what I thought. But I only had one strawberry to compare, so who knows.


The Mara des Bois were for dessert tonight. I had three clamshells and mixed it with a basket of Seascapes. I have to say that I was kind of underwhelmed, as the super strawberry-ness of the Mara des Bois didn’t come through. I did taste a few as I was coring them, and they were fine. Maybe it’s because I mixed it with the Seascapes. Anyway, the strawberries were still awesome.


Looks delish. What’s a clam shell?


Those plastic containers used mostly for to-go orders. The containers are hinged on one side, roughly resembling a clamshell.


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What do you know. Those plastic containers I’ve been buying fruit in, washing and re-using all these years are not just called those “plastic containers”. I guess they do resemble a clamshell. Thanks!

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I will say that I had the best bananas I’ve ever had in Barbados and St. Lucia
[/quote]I have Bajan cousins (technically their grandparents were Bajan). We’ve been going to Barbados since we were kids. All islanders think their island has the best stuff: water, sand, music, fruit. They’ll be happy to hear what you have to say about the bananas. I’ll leave out the St. Lucia part :slight_smile:.

Great vacay btw. I’m jealous!

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This is a clam shell:

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Okay, so that’s what I thought :smile:.


Thanks, @TheCookie! A great time was had by all…I really enjoyed sampling all the food in that neck of the world, too!


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Arnett is also at the Torrance FM Tuesdays and Saturdays. :slight_smile: Great photos!


My brother bought me a birthday boysenberry pie from Pie N Burger in Pasadena. Nice plump and sweet boysenberries. Filling had a great consistency…no runny filling here. Crust was too thick and well done for my liking. It stuck badly to the bottom of the pie pan. Still…I managed to consume several slices over the last few days :smile_cat:


Here’s a related thread about cherries recently started by @Luluthemagnificent:


That seems like a very tiny scoop at S&S. How was the ice cream? I usually go for the toasted white chocolate and strawberry but this sounds interesting.


I have a Scoops in my neighborhood, and it makes me crazy they rarely use fruit in their ice-cream.


it was actually a split scoop of the white chocolate, strawberry and the avocado strawberry sherbet. they were both very good.