Dish of the Month (DoTM) – SEPTEMBER 2016 – THAI


ok so that looks like Spicy BBQ on SM. How do prices compare?


They have amazing congee there as well as chinese fried dough with cofffee


Very Big lunch for 3 $70…


Very funny. I always look forward to your reports/stories. @bulavinaka, the FTC humorist.

I was looking at Sanumluang’s menu last night. Too bad it’s just so so. I also have a dilemma with the offspring. A Thai loving, heat hating, vegetarian, who still requires a lot of protein :unamused:. Good thing he’s old enough and busy enough to worry about his own stomach. But it’d be a shame to not get him in on DOTM Thai just a little. Calling @MaladyNelson for help!


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I love those wings!
[/quote]Me too… and I haven’t even had them.


Upon seeing the market when we drove up, wife immediately fawned,“Oooooh!” She gets a kick from all the snacks. When we got out of the car, I had to pull her away from walking into the market, saying, “dinner is over here you little kid…”


So you like Sanumluang and @bulavinaka thought it was okay. I guess we’ll just have to see for ourselves :wink:. The next door market seems fun.


There’s always Jitlada’s legendary $14 pad Thai.


Yeah, but like when my vegan sister shows up - and she’s super picky on top of that - having a food outlier sitting at the same table while eating family-style dishes is - I don’t know - a drag.

The local FTC curmudgeon


Oh Yeah. That’s a good one. I caught that roast duck thing… I’m all over that :wink:.


My sister is a cheese eating, no egg eating vegetarian. But she knows it’s her problem, not ours, so thankfully goes with the flow. Which is great. Especially since she’s otherwise not a go-with-the-flow type gal. But don’t tell her I said that.


Watcha’ got there wiener?


I have to hedge a bit. We sampled only seven dishes - none were supposed to be furious. I liken the heat in many Thai dishes to alcohol in wine. Some wines’ profiles benefit from higher alcohol content for me. Heftier wines like cabs and zins come immediately to mind. The same goes for chile heat in Thai dishes like curries, certain noodle dishes and many soups. The heat seems to amplify certain flavors that otherwise might be noted by another flavor component like coconut milk. Others amplify the heat like sour components (e.g., Tom yum). We just didn’t order any of those

I think Sanumluangbbeats most Thai eateries outside of Thai Town so I don’t think you’d be disappointed. But if you want a no-holds-barred experience, Sanumluang probably doesn’t fit that profile.


Sorry I skim too much, didn’t see veggie as an adjective =X


No, but that’s great. I love duck.


My son is usually the last person to be an issue when it comes to food. But this “scary Thai food” thing was new to me. He embraces Korean - not that Korean cuisine in general is Thai-hot - but it’s not for the timid either. We’ve eaten Sichuan dishes piled high and wide with chile-this and chile-this and he didn’t even flinch. Go figure.

My sister - oh Lord. Venn diagram what she is willing to eat, and one is left with what one might mistake as a speck of dust on the chart. Vegan can be challenging, but she hates cold dishes. She hates salads. Eggplant? Gag. Nuts? No except almonds and pistachios (only salt&pepper seasoned). She is now a borderline diabetic so carbs are very limited (she was living off of vegan-friendly junk food, rationalizing that vegan=healthy). But fried spring rolls? “It’s okay - they’re fried.” Huh? The list goes on and on. Our family literally frowns out loud when she says she will be by for dinner.


Very Interesting. That makes sense.

No. I don’t need a full on no-holds-barred type of place. It’s kind of why I’m avoiding Luv2Eat (even though that crab looks great). The thing about most Thai spots is you can get your heat on and others can go mild (relatively). L2E seems like heat, heat and nothing but the heat, so help your butt.


OMG :fearful:. She should eat before she comes.

That’s funny about your son. My vegetarian used to be the easy one. As long as there was no horseradish or blue cheese… simple enough. But now. Between him and my sister, group meals are starting to become trying. But not as trying as your sister… Yikes!


On the one hand, this is weird, because it’s hard to tell exactly what “Thai-loving” means in the context of heat-hating… on the other hand, morning glory and salty egg and turnip at Ruen Pair are two of the my favorite Thai dishes, as is the vegan khao soi at Night + Market.


I feel like the only reason such a person would “swing by for dinner” would be because they can’t quite get control of some mental issues, and they are hoping that people they know will recognize this and sort of force them to get over it. Sort of like how certain mental disorders/diseases are treated with exposure therapy, such as taking someone suffering from mysophobia dumpster diving. This sounds like someone with mysophobia hoping their family will make them go dumpster diving even though they are too scared to say it out loud.