Dish of the Month (DoTM) – SEPTEMBER 2016 – THAI


Yes. I’ve contemplated that one myself. But he says he loves Thai. I don’t think I’ve seen him order anything other than Pad See Ew. Thanks for the recs though.


Ah right… I know some people like that haha

Tofu Pad Se Ew and Panang with Soft Tofu are also great at Ruen Pair. I’ve eaten with a lot of vegetarians at Ruen Pair and been able to show them more than their typical PSE orders. Sometimes I eat vegetarian there myself actually haha they have an egg salad that is also vegetarian I think and is quite good. Though it might have fish sauce, but they could remove it.


only dishes I really like at Sanamaluang are (ironically) the duck noodle soup and the radish rice biscuit (Ka Nom Pak Kard)
but neither are spicy.


Great. We’re going to do a Thai Town crawl in next few days. We’ll check it out. Thanks!


You should give luv2eat a chance plenty of great dishes that won’t require a rectal transplant. Anybody know if they can do the crab curry mild?

moo ping

jade noodles

hat yai fried chicken

chinese sausage fried rice


Really does look great


Sorry, @TheCookie, I was out with the family today, and I finally got to this thread. I agree with Aesthete’s suggestion of tofu pad see ew. I find that Sapp Coffee Shop makes a particularly good one. Perhaps tofu pad thai would be another good choice for him.

In my experience khao soi (curry/noodle dish) has not been very spicy, and Night + Market Song makes a vegetarian version, though I haven’t tried it yet.

Bulan in Silver Lake and Hollywood specializes in vegetarian food. They used to be my go-to for veggie Thai food when I lived on that side of town. Some favorites include the corn fritters, seaweed rolls, crispy rice salad, busaba pumpkin, crispy “fish” with green apple, and khao soi. I’m also guessing that he might like their mee krob, which is essentially tofu Cracker Jacks - no hint of spice at all.

Here’s a photo of their crispy rice salad that I had a few months ago.

Hopefully this list will be of use. I can make more suggestions if he isn’t happy with these.

Sapp Coffee Shop
5183 Hollywood Blvd (At N Kingsley Ave)
Los Angeles 90027
(323) 665-1035
Thu-Tue: 7am-8pm
Cash Only

Night + Market Song
3322 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA. 90026
Lunch: Monday-Friday, 12noon - 3pm
Dinner: Monday thru Thursday, 5p - 10:30pm
Friday and Saturday, 5p - 11pm (Closed Sundays)

Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen - Melrose
7168 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 857-1882
Monday – Friday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM (closed between 3:30 PM – 5 PM)
Saturday – Sunday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen - Silver Lake
4114 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 913-1488
Monday – Friday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM (closed between 3:30 PM – 5 PM)
Saturday – Sunday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM


Wow. Thanks. This is all great. I’m not much of a trekker. But Thai Month is going to get me to places I keep reading you guys/gals write about. Thanks for the suggestions on dishes to order.

Bulan on Melrose will be a great local option. Melrose kind of fell off the food map for a spell. So I forgot about Bulan. Those dishes seem great - not your typical omit meat, insert tofu dishes that a lot of non-vedg places offer.

Thanks for going the extra mile with all the info!


Gawd, I was vegan for a few years and it drove my carnivore brother nuts. I tend to prefer vegetables over meat anyway, and have my whole life, and he knows this.

I wasn’t even an annoying vegan! I was pretty good at eating around things so most of the time people didn’t even notice, especially at ethic places, like Thai or Italian. But eventually he stopped meeting me for happy hour or lunch, which made me mad because we’d been food buddies since we were young. Annoying carnivore.

Your sister sounds like my brother’s wife. She eats vegetarian, but doesn’t like anything but candy, cookies, vegan pizza and tofutti.

Thai food is easy of you tell them no meat broth. There’s no dairy and they have a lot of Buddhists, so lots of Thai available without meat/dairy.


I told son if he goes from vegetarian to vegan he’s on his own. Not that I won’t make him any special meals. But we’re not tailoring restaurant choices around vegananism. Like you, most people with diet restrictions know this and go with the flow. But you do get the occasional pain in the ass. And you’re right… Thai is easier.


Sapp Coffee Shop



Nice @wienermobile.

Besides the Boat Noodles what else is good at Sapp to order?


The Jade noodles are great too…


Jade noodles >> boat noodles at Sapp


Night and Market Song

Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Wings!!


Sapp’s Jade Noodles
Pa Ord’s signature Tom Yum Noodle Soup and Pad See Eww


Mae Ting’s.

Coconut Cakes (so good when they are warm and fresh, forget that box stuff at that one bakery across from Ruen Pair) and Meat On A Stick


Jitlada’s Mussels


I have that pad see ew in my fridge right now haha


Sapp Coffee Shop #18, aka Sen Chan Pad Pu, aka fried glass noodles with crab and chilies. I didn’t order the boat noodles because I couldn’t remember if those are the ones with pigs blood.

I was in Beverly Hills and had a few hours to kill, so I decided to head east for some “dish of the month” food. So glad I did. I really need to venture from the Westside more often. I’d forgotten how good real Thai food is. Perfect balance of sweet, spicy and tamarindy. And the noodles were cooked right.