Dish of the Month (DoTM) – SEPTEMBER 2016 – THAI


Looks really great. What else do you like there?


Hi @wienermobile -

We’re thinking about making N + M in Weho our next stop. What is this dish you posted?



Thai boxing chicken…enjoy!


Ekkamai Thai is quite respectable and affordable.

Environs are not exactly festive, if that’s important.


Oh, nice. I’ve driven by that place quite a bit but never stopped in. Thanks!


This place is not open on Monday and I’m sure First Lady Mochi & friends have made plans already. But I was reading Night + Market Song’s menu. Chef Kris’ folks started Talesai, which has been on Olympic in Bev Hills for years. It doesn’t have off-the-chain street fare like N + M. But it’s definitely a dinner with the girls type of place. Anyway, for future reference…


I thought talesai merged into n+m weho.


Ahhh… Maybe. That was a little confusing on the N+M bio. I’ll take Olympic home from work tomorrow and check it out.


Vilai Yenbamroong had a sister restaurant to Talesai called Chai’s Thai Cuisine in Oxnard. Sadly, they sold the restaurant, and it went downhill rapidly. It was too bad since it was my family’s go-to Thai restaurant.


Ahhh… so much to learn on FTC. I’m thinking to wait until Wednesday to pass by Talesai Olympic. If it’s still open I might as well eat, since it is Thai month. I’m picking up my 6 yr old godson tomorrow. That’s a no go for Thai :fearful:.


Looks like the talesai next door to n+m weho did turn into n+m.
But there’s another talesai in studio city.
And there’s a “talesai cafe” on Olympic


It’s a generational thing. Cool. I’m still going to take a detour to Talesai. Maybe do a first and second generation Thai report.


On second thought… I just checked out the menu you posted :confused:. It has dishes like “Kung Paw (sic) Chicken” and “Pad See You (sic)”. We’ll just do our generational report from grandma’s classics on the N+M menu :wink:.


Too late to be useful for you, but Si Laa on Robertson is excellent.


It looks nice


West Hollywood

Larb Tofu - Lime, soy sauce, rice powder, chili, cilantro, onion

Pork Toro - Grilled fatty pig neck w/northeastern chili dip (jaew) & side of coconut rice

I thought this would be a bacon-ish treat for my pork loving guy. It almost made it, but chewier. The tangy chili sauce was the bomb.

Khao Soi Neua - Chiang Mai dish w/noodles, homemade curry paste, braised hanger steak & tendon, topped w/pickled greens, red onions, cilantro, sprouts, chili jam

Our favorite. We took the waitress’ rec. Super tender beef & incredibly savory broth. It had the heat, but with their own flavors, much different than Love2Eat’s curry. Fixins’ already on top. Side bar: We scooped off part of the deadly looking chili jam.

Deep Fried Branzino (sam-rod) w/sweet chili sauce

I love deep fried whole fish, but not with sweet sauce… doused with the tangy chili sauce from the pork neck and life was good again.

This one’s for you @PorkyBelly

I nibbled on the cheeks. But this guy ate the whole thing, eyes and all.

Mango & Sticky Rice

Such a seemingly simple dish. But the hot, salty, sticky rice, sprinkled w/browned, crunchy rice and the juicy mango, drizzled w/condensed milk… Oh wow!

Mekhong Old Fashion & Daiquiri

My guy was not crazy about the Thai sugarcane whiskey, but I enjoyed my daiquiri very much.

We had no idea we’d experience some nostalgia. The blending of the 30 year old Talesai into Night + Market Weho has perfectly transitioned with the Sunset Blvd of the 80’s into the now.

After seeing the Mark Mahoney, Shamrock print, N+M will forever be my old man’s Thai spot

Thanks @nosh, for this, the sweet thread.


Great montage!


Nice report @TheCookie! :slight_smile:

You’ve turned into a one person wrecking crew going through Thai eateries this month! :smile: Good job!

How did you like Night+Market’s Larb compared to your favorites?


Great report @TheCookie, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

What’s next jitlada?


Was this n+m song or n+m weho?