Dish of the Month (DoTM) – SEPTEMBER 2016 – THAI


They are both coconut curry broths but many differences

Noodles - egg noodle for KS/Rice noodle for LS
Pork-Chicken base for KS/Chicken/fish based for LS
Condiments are also very different.


Just to elaborate on this – laksa broth is usually fish based. It normally doesn’t have chicken in it, but I’ve noticed some restaurants here in the US make chicken laksa. I’ve never seen chicken laksa in Singapore or Malaysia. It has fish cake/fish balls, prawns, tofu, chilli etc. There’s different types of laksa too, like assam laksa, which is a tamarind broth, and curry laksa which is coconut curry broth. Different regions have their own versions like Penang Laksa, Katong Laksa, Ipoh laksa, etc. My personal favorite is the Curry laksa, aka curry mee. No bean sprouts, extra tofu for me. :slight_smile:

Thai kao soi is similar to the Burmese ohno kao swe, which is a coconut chicken gravy served over noodles and topped with egg, onion, cilantro, lentil fritters, etc. The gravy itself is mild, but then you add chilli to it to spice it up. The thai version is made with chicken or pork. I prefer the Burmese version as that’s the kind I grew up with.


excellent - I should have pointed out my knowledge is that of a big fan of both (rather than anyone who has actually made either dish). I was a bit surprised to see chicken in some recipes I read for laksa as i thought it was just seafood.


I’ve had laksa with egg noodles too - often… I think a lot of the specific style differences have a lot to do with neighborhood preferences that formed by or locals as well as hawkers influencing locals.


Thanks guys, I got the vegetable SK, so I didn’t notice there could be different proteins associated with the two dishes. I did notice the fat wheat noodles, I liked those, but they were a bit heavy after a while.

The sauce I had was creamy yellow curry, but it was soupy, thick, but soupy. All the laksas I’ve had with coconut milk were thinner. But as far as flavor, both coconut curry sauces tasted the same. I gues it’s all in how you dress it up. :dancer:t2:


World of Laksa


I actually prefer it with egg noodles as I’m not a big fan of vermicelli/mee hoon.




I’ve got the best of both worlds – my mom was born and raised in Singapore and my dad grew up in Burma. So I get to eat Singaporean, Malaysian and Burmese food at home. Plus we’re Indian by ethnicity, so we cook Indian food too. :wink:


You should invite us all to a family event. :slight_smile:


A big second on that!


sounds like a delicious upbringing


Spoiled three ways - at least! :wink:


You know a lot of stuff.


A fun way to spend a lunch… in Thai Town. :slight_smile:


I remember someone had mentioned Rodded’s Hainan Chicken (Thai version), and we finally remembered to give it a try. Love their chalkboard! :smile:

Shrimp Salad (Shrimp, Sliced Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Green Onion, Mixed with Spicy Lime Dressing):

This was funky and earthy, their Fish Sauce more potent than the usual types we’ve had before. The Shrimp were beautifully butterflied and cooked just through (plump, tender). Pretty enjoyable and the “mild spicy” was plenty of heat. :slight_smile:

Hei Nam (Hainan) Chicken:

I’ve never had a Thai version of Hainan Chicken before, but Rodded’s version was surprisingly good. :slight_smile: The Chicken was still moist, and it came with a Spicy Ginger Sauce to dip the Chicken into. The Rice itself was flavored with Chicken Broth, and fragrant.

But the best part was the side of Chicken Broth that came with the Hei Nam Chicken: Wonderfully aromatic, lightly salted, and tasting of a good, Homemade Chicken Broth.

I think Savoy still does a better version of Hainan Chicken, but Rodded’s version is solid and enjoyable. Their Hainan Chicken is available Weekends Only.

(Cash Only)

5623 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Tel: (323) 962-8382

Pa Ord Noodle

Despite having driven by Pa Ord multiple times over the years, we never got a chance to try it. Just down the street from Rodded, this was the perfect opportunity. :slight_smile:

Boat Noodles (Noodles with Pork, Liver and Pork Blood):

The famous Thai Boat Noodles are one of the specialties here at Pa Ord. They let you choose 5 different types of Noodles to pair with this dish (cool), and we let the waiter recommend the “traditional” pairing, with “Small Rice Noodles.”

I’ve never had Boat Noodles before, so I was curious what it’d be like. The broth was lightly sweet, a little tart (not as distinct as Tom Yum Soup), but with enough salt and seasonings. The Pork Blood was mostly disintegrated and mixed in with the Soup. The Pork slivers were a bit underseasoned, but tasting fresh. The Liver was pure hardcore Liver funk, LOL. :sweat_smile:

Overall, it was warming and enjoyable on the slightly cool day. I think seeing Sapp’s version with Crackling makes me think their version might be better? :wink:

Pa Ord Noodle (3 locations)
5269 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Tel: (323) 466-4281

Bhan Kanom Thai

I remember visiting Bhan Kanom a few times years ago. They are famous for a few fresh-made Thai Desserts, and we decided to try their…

Pangchi (Taro, Corn, Coconut, Sugar, Flour):

They smell amazing, and taking one bite, my mouth was filled with this tropical, sublime Taro & Coconut dessert! It’s slightly crisped, so it’s caramelized and the inside is still soft and wonderfully aromatic! The best bite we had that afternoon! :blush:

Oh and one more cool thing? They open 7 Days a Week, 10 a.m. - Midnight!

Bhan Kanom Thai
5271 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Tel: (323) 871-8030

Taro and Ube Desserts

Okay, I need to get me some of that dessert! Sounds divine. :slight_smile:


It really does.


No half-stepping with you @Chowseeker1999. Cool day!

The picture captured your description of the shrimp and salad perfectly. Chicken and rice is one of my favorite dishes. But in researching restaurants in September I was confused seeing hainan chicken on Thai menus. Thanks for clarifying the small differences. Great descriptions. It looks sooo good.

I’ve seen enough reports on the famous Boat Noodles. Reading is good enough for me. I don’t think I’ll eat it :relaxed:. But sure would like to find a good Tom Yum Soup in my 'hood.

Thanks for the report!


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Definitely try that Pangchi dessert when you can. It’s really tasty. :slight_smile:


Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks! I’d agree with you: After having the Boat Noodles, I’m rather so-so on them (they’re tasty, but not very crave-worthy for me right now).

Let me know if you find a good Tom Yum Soup! :slight_smile: