Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- SEPTEMBER 2017 -- BREAKFAST


Eggs, bacon, fruit, toast, potatoes, congee, and cruellers. Post it all!

As an aside, @nosh will be resuming DoTM duties for October and for the next few months. Work for me has been very busy (a good thing), while volunteer duties are feeling a lot like work and have genuinely been a total disaster (which, in case you were wondering, is not a good thing at all).

Thanks, @nosh!


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Thai-Chinese breakfast at Siam Sunset (Hollywood):

Hot soy milk, Chinese donuts (AKA crullers) with condensed milk for dipping (though I go old school Taipei and dunk it in the soy milk instead), ginger juice with tofu pudding (AKA dou hua), and pork rice porridge (AKA congee)…

Cash only. They can get busy, so service can be a bit slow. But the food is well worth it.


Siam Sunset
5265 W. Sunset Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Breakfast from what I affectionately refer to as “The Bacon Bar” – (Whole Foods hot food bar) No better QPR in the world. A pound of bacon uncooked – at least $8.99 at Whole Foods. Getting the bacon AFTER it’s been cooked, one-quarter of the price. Of course, I usually take a giant container for about $7.00 because you just can’t have enough smoky, cured, carcinogenic pork when you are watching your carbs.


Today is international bacon day…photos from Original Pancake House, Dudley Market, Egg Slut and Gjelina



Langer’s Pastrami and Eggs…


Salmon Tartine, Republique


Bacon breakfast burrito at Phanny’s in Redondo Beach. Really tasty and not greasy. And the bacon was nice and crispy. Just wish their salsa was spicier.


I’m not sure this applies to every Whole Foods but the Brea WF has a BOGO free for ranchers reserve bacon. Only good today - Saturday 9/2 for national bacon day.


As good as (if not better than) the impressive breakfast burrito there, the breakfast BLT egg sandwich made to order from The Original Marty’s (on Pico) is a delicious creation with which to greet the day: Grilled white toast with egg, bacon, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce… Pair it up with an Orange Bang!


Huevos rancheros, Taqueria Los Anaya.

They are so good at egg cooking.

4651 West Adams Blvd., LA


That salmon tartine looks SO appealing that I’d risk the gluten consequences.


My standard weekend breakfast at Sweet Butter in Sherman Oaks is extra-crispy Niman Ranch nitrate-free applewood smoked bacon, skin-on breakfast potatoes with onions and tri-color peppers, and kale pecan salad with cranberries. All of the items are superb as is my frequent alternative - the homemade herb pork sausage patties (bacon available 7 days, sausage patties only on weekends).


The salmon tartine is great.


Shhhhh, don’t tip them off. I live in fear that Whole Foods will figure this out and stop having bacon on their breakfast bar. (Same concept applies to the roasted chicken on the salad bar, btw.)


That’s already happened in at least two Whole Foods stores that I patronize.


Summer peach crostata, from Balconi Coffee Company (Sawtelle Japantown)…


And what about griddle cakes, waffles and glorious versions of French toast?!


A place called Hash just opened in Playa Vista. We tried them on Sunday morning.

The waffles are Belgian-style - very good. Their carrot cake waffle was interesting. Heavier than the Belgian, a little too sweet because of the cream cheese icing on top, but it was otherwise good. I’d ask for icing g on the side if possible next time.

I didn’t try the pancakes. But my son is really judge-y about pancakes and gave their pancakes a big thumbs-up.


If I was working in a restaurant kitchen or as a server, asking for “cream cheese icing on the side” would really be stretching the limits. Is the little container supposed to be warm so the “icing” can be poured? Is it cool and solid and spread with a knife? No, maybe it is ok to ask for one lightly frosted but icing on the side seems to me to be too much.