Dish of the Quarter (DoTM) - SUMMER 2018 - FRUIT


Love the Pakistanis, too!
I wonder if I could get The Apple Pan to make a mulberry cream pie . . .


Ollalieberry, while they’re at it…


République on Sat?




This salad was :fire:


Harry’s gaviotas are incredible this week. Sweeter than bee vomit.

 [spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler]


Where do you find Andy’s? Stone fruit is really good this year. Melon, not so much. Maybe it will get better. Until then, we eat the peaches and apricot!


Cherry-jalapeño vinaigrette over tomatoes, cherries and chèvre.


This text will be blurred


OK. Done.


You’re so evil! Someone better pm me cuz that’s not fair.


Donut Man


For some reason I’ve never had the Peach donut at Donut Man. This pic makes me think it’s time to rectify that oversight soon. Looks better than the strawberry.


I’ve had both. Decidedly so.


Interesting. I have always covetted the strawberry one.

But yeah, @bruins, that peach donut tasted like a national treasure. A bite of the best of America.


I adore the peach donut…way more than the strawberry one and I love the strawberry one.


Red Jalapeño-Cherry Gazpacho with Sour Cream.


Mara De Bois from Harry’s Berries (plus a few organic blueberries from Whole Foods). For as long as strawberry season lasts, I buy a three pack of Gaviotas from Harry’s pretty much every week. Yes, just for me. The Mara De Bois are an extra special treat at $8 for a small container (1/2 pint?) but this morning I decided to indulge.


Finished some work early so had a mid afternoon jaunt to Donut Man for the Peach Donut. Wow. Eat your heart out, Sidecar.