Dish of the Quarter (DoTM) - SUMMER 2018 - FRUIT


Regjoice and engjoy!


Hami Melon is my new favorite fruit.


Where do you get this melon?




99 Ranch in the new Pleasanton-Pacific Pearl mall


They had them at my local Whole Foods last week. I bought a small one - super sweet.


Mom’s got a tree in her back yard. I’ve got to fight the june bugs for them, but the figs are just ridiculous right now.




Went to my local Whole Foods and they did not have and did not expect to get. But I also live in the boonies.


Peaches are winding down, so I am doubling down. :slight_smile:

After-school snack for the boy.


What’s the cheese?


Golden kiwis are great


We had half a leftover grilled peach and served it with caramel sea salt gelato the other night.


Sottocenere (I believe), which I just learned originated in Venice, Italy. A lil Venice/Venice action.


I had to do it for kid’s birthday dinner after this post.



edit: where did you source from?


Just at Orig FM