Dishes of the Month -- November 2017: Comfort Food and Pie


Pie is comfort food, right? Lets have a great November and post a lot of great descriptions and photos of tasty memory inducing meals topped off with delicious pies, which pretty much tied in the voting that I messed up,


Steak and stout pie, and chicken pot pie.

They came with sides of buttery mashed potatoes, and peas.

Irish Times Pub (via UberEats).
3267 Motor Avenue, Palms


So how were they?


Chi Spacca

beef and bone marrow pie - beef cheek, cippolini, funghi with a side of mashed butter
More comforting than sitting on the couch wearing a snuggie and watching cat videos on youtube.
Richer than a Fuerdai USC student on an expense account.
So bony it’s making Keira Knightley jealous.


Pretty darn good! I’ve eaten in, but the pies held up well for delivery. The mash is great as always (they’re Irish, ye know), and the stew is soothing. The beef pie is very beefy.

They use frozen pastry crust, but it was cooked properly, so it was also good.


Those looked delicious and perfect for the chilly weather!


I see an apple rose tart on my IG feed pretty often so I thought I’d finally make one for my office!


That looks pretty enough to sell


The Apple Pan


Comfort food at Brent’s Northridge


189 by Dominique Ansel

Long live the kouign amann



Yes this is a complete sentence.


Pie and Coffee @ Sunset Junction Coffeeshop on a semi-rainy night.


Lol, you got one of each? You’re a trooper. :slight_smile:


lychee coconut/pineapple & mango



Braised pork rice combo at Popcorn Chicken (Sawtelle Japantown)… Almost brings tears of saudade to my eyes from the years spent in Taipei. Even the sprouts were delicious.

(and for you QPR hounds, the whole damn thing costs USD$7.50)


Where is this?

How long did it take you to slice and arrange those??? GORGEOUS!


Not that long at all! You just need a Kuhn Rikon peeler and that Japananese brand mandolin :grin: