Dishes you can make as good or better at home


Not sure why but it is delicious to me. The vinegar is another dimension to the hummus. The mouthfeel, flavor nuances on the tongue, and balance makes it so damn tasty to me.

The chili sauce is only on the top so it is not that much but just enough to add another level of flavor.


They also have a zatar hummus but I prefer the chili one.


I dislike Tabasco and most hot sauces for that reason. Which is odd, because I love tartness and sourness in all other foods.

I prefer Asian chili oils, it’s easy to find them without vinegar. Now if only it were that easy to find them without the the dreaded garlic.


Try the sesame oils infused with chile. Any Asian market as well as well-stocked grocery stores will have it. Usually in tiny bottles, but sometimes found in larger ~6oz bottles too. Read the ingredients though - soybean oil might be mixed in. It may or may not be to your liking


Throw in Challah and we are twins.