Do you have a dining-out budget? And other questions


Oops, just looked at Katz pastrami at $22!!! Mea culpa. 'Course two of us could barely eat the whole thing.

And I seriously don’t like uni so I have no opinion there.

Thanks, small h.


small h, would an “Italian sub” still be worth it?


Not to me, 'cause I don’t eat meat. But maybe to someone. I don’t think it’s possible to express worth in absolute terms. There’s only worth it to me, or not worth it to me. And even that changes. I’ve had more money and less money at various times. So what’s worth it me depends on my disposable income. If it’s a choice between omakase and this month’s health insurance, ya kinda have to go with the insurance.


How cheap or frugal you are is not interesting or really on topic for this board.