Does anyone else roast chicken like this?


Bigger than what?


than Cornish game hens.


Seriously, 12 hours or so, and you’re okay.

And it’s not really a two day process, it’s more of when you’re putting your weekly groceries away, plop the chicken on a sheet pan/rack, rub with kosher salt, and stick it in the fridge, next to all the other meat you bought for the next few days. I’ve let it sit for four days before I got around to cooking it. Tasted great. :wink:


Definitely! And I’ve even gotten WF air dried chicken and cooked the same day. You don’t get the brine effect but the skin is wonderful. Now if I could just find small birds. Maybe robert is right Cornish hens?


If you can find Shelton’s in your area, they have 2.5 pound chickens which are perfect for roasting.


I’ve never brined a chicken in my life. Turkey always, but not chicken. Like @Bookwich, I do salt the chicken inside and out before putting in the fridge. But that’s only if I feel like it. I’m sure brining makes white meat a tad more tender and I can tell when a restaurant has done it. But I just don’t find it to be worth the extra step, if you know how to cook it right. It’s my favorite meat, so I’ve been cooking it since I was seven. Yep, my mom let me start cooking at seven.


Oh and to stay on topic - I do finger my breasts and massage my thighs like Ms. Judy :wink:.


Here’s the thread where I asked people to give their opinions of other recipes only if they had made the Zuni one.


I read these posts again. I didn’t realize people consider salting a chicken to be brining. Then okay, I do brine my chicken sometimes :wink:.


That was a good thread cath.


Thanks, TC. It’s why I don’t use another method. A lot of those people are/were far better books than I. I try not to reinvent the wheel.


Very user friendly site…to find out they’re not withing 250 miles of me :frowning: Ah well, thanks anyway.


Dry brine though - needs more time. I love the bread salad recipe.
As a Valentine’s Day/her boyfriend’s birthday present I sent ebeth to Zuni for roast chicken. They were very happy. Love the salad as well - slight change after Judy’s death - they roast the greens now. I tried it and it is great. Such a shame she passed at such a young age. I grow red mustard greens in the backyard in her honor.

Zuni picture!


Her death really rocked the food world.

Interesting about the salad. I’m doing a couple of enormous bone-in, skin-on breasts (over 3# for TWO) this weekend when some family is coming up. Maybe I’ll do that salad. The little grands won’t eat it but they don’t eat salad - other than the non-lettuce components - but the four adults sure will.


Of course they do. It’s easy sheet-pan cooking for the line, compared to actually sautéing or braising a vegetable.


Here’s the recipe:


I have it, thanks.


So it’s actually more work - not much - to roast rather than leave fresh.


I’ve never heard of roasting arugala.


Hmm. I’ve tossed it onto roasting vegetables many times.