Does anyone else roast chicken like this?


My grocery had half chickens $4 off so I picked one up not knowing what to do with it. I did a version of the Zuni one. Cooked at 450 and pretty much cut each of the ‘flippin’’ times in half. Added about five extra minutes at the end. Worked great.


I had no idea a roast chicken recipe could be so life changing but here I am.

Source product from Gelsons, < 3 pounds.


You’ve just made my salivary glands do a little dance :slight_smile: We have local farmers and ranchers so I need to go in search of the small ones. Thanks for reporting and especially for the photo!


At Gelsons they have a “jidori” brand. All the chickens I saw from this brand were around the 3 pound Mark. $5/lb


Maybe we should do a road trip to SoCal and load up on chickens :slight_smile:


yes i think a lot of people use a high heat option