Dominique Ansel opening up LA bakery and restaurant


I’ll stop by DA the one time a year I’m already there for toffee.


Hi Y’all,

I have to agree with you guys. I have lived in the area for years. It’s my 'hood and I :heart: it. When they proposed building The Grove and The Palazzo Apts I was so dissapointed. We were losing yet another vista… and the traffic :tired_face:. I boycotted for a longtime. But it eventually became an inevitable destination for meet-ups, taking visitors and the kids love it. Plus, there’s still the beloved Farmers Market.

No loss removing Morels, which I adored when they first opened: Great cheese & charcuterie boards (first place I tried my beloved Fromager d’Affinois) and a mobile, bloody mary cart :heart_eyes:. The place was always overpriced, but now the quality is just so dismal. It’s just taking up space. But this new development is really depressing. The Grove will be even more of a sardine factory.

Oh well…


The Palazzo is gargantuan - how many units are in that “city-state”? Props to those residents though. They have a good selection of places within walking distance.

The only times I’ve gone to The Grove in the past years is when a visiting relative wants to go for shopping. They hear from friends who’ve been and “have to go.” Tourists. Can’t blame them I guess.


I don’t think it will be thaaaaaat bad. The grove if you go early in the AM any is relatively easy and weekdays for lunch shouldn’t be too crazy. I would avoid weekend afternoon/evening.


Hi @bulavinaka -

I feel the same as you. I still think Park La Brea is cooler, from a historical perspective. But at the end of day, The Palazzo is not too obtrusive, I guess :smirk: (except for 3rd St traffic). I wouldn’t turn my nose up at living there (well maybe). It looks nice, has every modern convenience and is in a great locale.

I can’t blame tourists or us for taking them to The Grove. The builders/architects did a good job of providing a contemporary space while maintaining the Original Farmers Market. It does show a cross section of middle-class Los Angeles culture, e.g. the people watching is great!

How’s that for a glass half full mentality?


They have those touristy buses that stop at the Grove. Just putting that out there for future reference. :joy:


Yeah - not gonna fly with my in-laws. They wouldn’t agree to staying at Motel 6 either - the nerve, ay? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Resy is now taking reservations for 189 starting on Nov 11th.


Are there any lines at DA? It seems like most of the chatter had been around the lines at Eataly. I’m thinking of going this weekend.


@PorkyBelly went this weekend. Lovely photos on the weekend thread.


The bakery doesn’t open until tomorrow and i will wager my left croNUT that the lines will be insane.


Re-read your review and missed the bakery opening date. The brunch dim sum sounds interesting. I wonder if you go for brunch if they’ll let you skip the bakery line and order stuff to go?


Based on the bakery Insta feed and Eater LA pictures lines today were very long. I think I’m going to avoid either of these places for a while. Maybe I’ll try going during a weekday with the kids between Xmas and NYE.

Not sure if anybody braved the lines today who has an estimate of wait time?


If you don’t want a cronut, because DKA, go later in the day after they sellout of cronuts, the wait time drops to around 15-20 minutes. If you want a cronut, pre-order it.


Just went this morning. Minimal line at 9am. Samples of fresh baked madeleines (which were really great) and chocolate chip cookies during the wait time. Ordered a DKA and a ham and cheese croissant at the recommendation of the cashier. Both were outstanding and I think that may have been the best kouign-amann I’ve had. Super friendly staff with a bit of expected fumbling. Went back and ordered a cheesecake and gooseberry pavlova to go. Monday morning wound up being a very good time to go.


20 minutes wait at noon today.

Not too bad.

DKA seemed like the best thing by far. Not as good as B Patissierie in SF, but probably the best in LA that I’ve had.


da fuq is dat doh


Kouign Amann


I really want to try the DKA. Interesting that neither of you picked up a cronut. I’ve never had one myself but I would get one to see what all the hype is about.


DKA = Diabetic ketoacidosis. So yeah, pretty much a kouign amann.