Dominique Ansel opening up LA bakery and restaurant


I wasn’t really feeling the flavor. I’ll return when they switch it up. A friend went today and picked a couple up and was fairly swooning over how much he enjoyed it.


I had one when I was in NYC a couple of years ago. The cronut is good, but the DKA is exceptional. The bakery also makes some lovely flavored meringue kisses that made for good gifts.


protip (to others): you don’t want the cronut, you want the DKA.


Best thing to get, for me anyway, is the egg sandwich.

It’s like the Egg McMuffin that went to boarding school.


I picked up a cronut. I just didn’t think it was that amazing.

I would say it seems pretty hype-y, though not 100% hype since the texture and general experience of eating is kind of unique. It’s good, but the version of the day was really sweet. Kind of like dousing a nice croissant with a ton of sugar and jelly.

I also had a canale, which was really nice, and the hot madeleines, which are simple, but quite pleasant, And some “cotton-soft” cheesecake which was awful, a terribly texture and bizarrely sour.


It’s a shame nobody warned you about this.


Nah I was going to get one to try it for myself anyways.

Ansel is a great study in branding. I don’t think I’ve ever been that impressed by the actual flavors either here or in NYC. But the stuff is whimsical as can be; it feels like visiting Willy Wonka’s bakery.

Guys behind me in line said they thought Sycamore Kitchen was better and they figured Ansel will be out of business within a year haha

The dinner menu looks potentially interesting though.


Has anyone tried the DKA who’s also had Bouchon’s version? If anyone thinks it’s markedly better, I’ll have to give it a try when I’m next in L.A. While in the 'hood, I suppose I’ll pick up a couple of macarons from Ladurée as well – not really a macaron fan, but I found those exceptional.


I like the DKA better than bouchon’s version. Bouchon’s version is flatter and more dense like a hockey puck, the DKA is more muffin like and manages to be airy, flaky, gooey and crispy all at the same time.


Have you had the “buttercup” at Sycamore Kitchen? That’s the best take on the KA I’ve had in LA. If so, thoughts on how they compare?


I haven’t actually had this, but the guys in line behind me, whom I chatted with, said they preferred Sycamore’s version of the DKA, so I assume they were referring to the “buttercup”. Take that for what you will.

I need to make a trip to Sycamore Kitchen it seems.


It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but the great things are really great.


I have, but it’s been years, need to go back to refresh my tastebuds.


They do a pretty good kouign-amann at Clark Street Bread as well. It’s not the shape you see at Dominique Ansel or B.Patisserie, but more of a swirl like a pain au raisin. The bottom still gets caramelized really well though.


Went to 189 last night with a friend to catch up and see what’s up. Very enthused staff and a not unpleasent room that overlooked all of the Xmas lighting in the Grove. Also appreciated the copious amount of space between the tables. I went in with fairly low expectations, but left rather satisfied.

Pull-Apart Sweet Corn “Elotes” Milk Bread (like a corn puree slider, and I feel like I have zero issues with that)

Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio, Ripened Honeydew Melon Wedge, Aged Balsamic, Shallots, Mint (Melon could have been a bit riper, but the seasoned tomato worked pretty well as erztaz prosciutto)

PEI Mussels, Spicy Chorizo, Rice Vermicelli, a Ton of Garlic (Good flavor with nice chunks of sausage to gnaw on)

“Clam Chowder” with Little Neck Clam Tortellini, Bacon, Lovage, and Ajo Blanco (Although not terrible, this was the only sort of dud of the bunch. Underseasoned and no briny flavor at all. And might have been served better by using real cream rather than almond milk)

Dark Chocolate, Peanut, Bergamot Caramel, Maldon Salt (Nice peanut butter cup thing going on here)

Almond Sponge, Three Milks (Milk, Evaporated Milk, Banana Milk),
Spice Bouquet, Orange, Crème Fraîche (Was told to not leave the bouquet garni in too long, but I might have done just that in hindsight. This was subtle, but a very good dessert)

Awesome server Blake took my friend and I into the “granola” room where we were given a customized (We just said dump everything in there) bag of granola to take home.

Portions were small, but my friend and I weren’t famished and left feeling sated. Don’t know if I would head right back here again, but it might be a good place to take friends and family who might get into a touristy situation like this. I have to say I am a bit intrigued by the brunch thing. Maybe I will drum up a posse and give it a shot sometime.


Ok this shit is for real. Damn. Bring both wallets


Line status?


thanksgiving wednesday is pretty slow over there… under 10 minutes… people aren’t at the grove in droves


Best thing you had?


Yeah, It’s 11am on Black Friday and there is no line. I’m only here because there is a 20 foot replica of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story by the Nike store.