DTLA - Brunch Recommendations


Please not The Pantry. :slight_smile:

We are looking for pre-show brunch on Saturday. All recommendations are appreciated, but preferably not too far from the Music Center, nor anywhere that involves line-standing.

(If there are any places you consider terrific downtown brunch places that don’t fit these parameters, feel free to post for future reference.)


orsa & winston


The Exchange Restaurant in the Freehand Hotel.

The Exchange


cosa buona


Doubting Thomas




Garcons de Cafe


Preux & Proper




That’s an interesting definition of downtown


I was thinking Perch might be good. A view is always nice.


Otium down the road next to The Broad. Au Lac if you want to try vegan. Kendall Brasserie at the Music Center. These are the closest. Farther away is The Nomad Lounge/Library, Pitchoun Bakery & Cafe.


Kendall Brasserie at the Music Center is a good choice for brunch before any event at the Music Center. The chef, Jean Pierre Bosc is a long time LA French chef who used to be chef owner at Mimosa.


x2 on Redbird.

We went there recently. I had shrimp and grits, Hubs had the Spanish scramble, kid1 had the burger, and kid2 had the tartine. Spanish scramble was the best dish, but all were very good. I wasn’t sure I would like the mole in the shrimp and grits, but it wasn’t pronounced. Just enough to send it over the edge from good to wow interesting. We shared the waffle, and ate every bite even though we were all so full from the generous portions. The kids’ metabolisms worked quickly enough, but the adults had to spend the rest of the day horizontal. If possible, the dining room is even more beautiful on a Sunday morning with the light gently streaming through. You don’t get the same effect at night. And, if you are a bit sensitive to the light from the night before, there is always the option of the dim lounge. I observed many delicate constitutions in there.