DTLA - Pre-Show Dinner with a Teen and a Tween


They grew up on the Westside, so of course they like Japanese and Italian. Any ideas? (No Mexican for me, please.)


It’s been ages since I’ve been, but Drago Centro used to have a fantastic happy hour with lots of nice bites…often enough to stuff me for the night.
Dinner was fantastic there, too. I believe they also offer shuttle service to the performance venues, too.


Where’s the show? Is it at the Ahmanson? The Ace?

It would be best to park once, which is why I ask. But Bottega Louis or Macheroni Republic are two ideas…


First ones that came to mind (not Italian/Japanese, though. Sorry if you were only looking for those)…

Baco Mercat - http://www.bacomercat.com/home/
Badmaash - https://www.badmaashla.com/
Grand Central Market - http://www.grandcentralmarket.com/


Ahmanson, and we are Ubering. I was thinking of Macheroni Republic. Do you think we can get in and out quickly enough?

@President_Mochi it doesn’t have to be Italian or Japanese, it was just to give you an idea of what they’re used to eating when going out. I don’t want to take them for gastropub burgers. :slight_smile:


Do restaurants let children into happy hour sections?




Good call. They’ve been to the one in Westwood, and liked it. But, it would be nice to take them somewhere new.


Otium - walking distance.


Proximity-wise, this sounds nice. But the food at Otium…


Yes unless it’s strictly bar counter seating, which Drago Centro isn’t iirc.


Marugame monzo
Sushi gen
Honda ya


Kids can usually eat at the bar except in the increasingly rare places where the bar is 21 & over only.

I’ve often been startled when drinking at a bar that looks and feels like a bar but is licensed as a restaurant and somebody sits down with kids.


I’ve walked in at Maccheroni on a weekday an hour or so after they opened…


I do love Wood Spoon


@Bookwich There were hightop tables in the bar area in addition to the bar. Not sure if it’s still like that, though. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been in downtown at that time.


Orsa & Winston


Officine Brera

P.S. Don’t go to Maccheroni Republic.


What they said. I’d add Bar Ama to that list, but you said no Mexican. Drago is a bit stuffy and won’t be fun for teenagers. Take them somewhere cool w a vibe.


You want me to make two children sit through a six-course tasting menu, then sit through a two-hour show? :joy::rofl::joy: You really don’t like children, do you? :joy::joy::joy:


I took them to Drago Centro; excellent call @attran99, thank you.

We sat in the sunroom section of the lounge, it was early, so we were the only ones in there. My niece sat down and bounced on the banquette a couple times. “This place is nice! It’s fancy, but comfortable.” (Fom the mouths of babes.). Then she bounced a couple more times before settling down.

The food was very good. In order of the children’s preference (after they had a thorough discussion), was:

Farfalle with Vodka Sauce

A bit over sauced for my taste, but flavorful. The children loved it.

Sausage Pizzetta

Very nice sausage, good crust, and well-balanced toppings…


Good. They’re sliders…


They liked the garlic bread more than the meatballs. I thought the meatballs were excellent, light and flavorful, with a deep, meaty sauce.

I had a whiskey sour, the kids had lemonade (kept topped-up), and even the water was “really good ice water!”

The service was great, the food was good, and when I got the check, I thought there was a mistake, because it was half what I expected.

I like this happy hour with children concept. If one goes early, and the children are well behaved, this may be a better option, occasionally, to expose children to real food rather than multi-course dinners.