DTLA - Pre-Show Dinner with a Teen and a Tween


The Exchange Restaurant. Get the whole fried fish, comes on incredible hand pulled noodle. It’s a large fish as well. Couple more side dishes should do it. Casual, beautiful, hip place with fun cocktails as well


@Bookwich So glad you all had a great pre-show meal! I remember the happy hours fondly from my commuting days. Stopover in DTLA for a snack and a drink before continuing home. Your niece and nephew are truly future FTC’ers…love their comments!


Based on recommendations above, I am thinking Bar AMA for our next Ahmanson pre-show meal.

This time it will be four teenager/tweens, in addition to myself.

What is the bar area like? Are there tables available large enough for five? We would get there right at opening time on a Tuesday. Is this doable? Thanks.


They have some great drinks at the bar; the one with Hibiscus is a favorite. There are maybe 12 seats -it’s a typical restaurant bar; there are no separate bar area tables. They have several large tables, it should be totally doable. The tortillas are very good there


We sipped Bar AMA and went to BS Taqueria. It was a great place for kids, especially with $2 happy hour chicken tacos.

Here is what chicken tacos look like with only cheese and chicken. :roll_eyes:

We ordered nachos (they were good, but I’m not a fan of cheesy sauce), and an order of guacamole, which was fabulous, so flavorful. I tried the shrimp taco and the asada taco, for research purposes. They put a lot of mayonnaise sauce on the shrimp taco. It was definitely not crema, but if it was it was a really awful crema. Whatever, I scraped it off and ate the tortilla; I loved the tortillas!

We also tried the corn. Once again, these were very good once all the goop was scraped off.

And of course we had the churros.

These were amazing, so light and delicate, with a light dusting of sugar and a little pot of chocolate. The youngsters were so very in love with those.

BTW, if you want to take your teenagers to a fun show, Something Rotten was very fun. Much wittier than I expected!