Dumpling crawl sgv


Was their jjm Korean style?


i understand that korean variants are… milder. i’ve only had korean JJM a few times and it didn’t remind me of that. it was more like: ‘i wonder if they do it this way in shanghai’ kinda sweet,


From the photo it looks like the sauce is made with chun jang which is a sweet dark bean sauce that Koreans use to make their jjm.

Generally from my understanding of Chinese jjm is usually spicier using a spicy bean paste like doubanjang and is less saucy in consistency and generally Korean jjm is much sweeter has little to no spice and is much more saucy. Also at least in my experience Korean jjm generally employs a more udon like white colored noodle while Chinese use hand pulled egg noodles. I am by no means a jjm expert though.


Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

Great report! :slight_smile: Thanks for the thoughts on these places. It would’ve been too much of a detour, but the Handmade Pork, Shrimp & Leek Dumplings (3 Flavors Dumpling) at Cindy’s Kitchen was stunning! Really, deeply savory and crave worthy (thanks @ipsedixit). :slight_smile:
You should give that a try and some of their other dishes one of these days. :wink:


I’ll book mark it and check it out next time thanks for the input!


Great crawling! :grin:


Lets stay in what @JThur01 calls the wSGV, and work our way east to west.

You Kitchen - corn and pork dumplings and the suan tsai and pork cabbage dumplings
One One Dumplings (nee Lucsious Dumpoings) - guo tia
Hui Tou Xiang - green bell pepper and pork dumplings
Happy Noodle - squash dumplings,
LaoXi Noodle House - lamb dumplings




Good selections there ipse :+1: I’m not sure who used WSGV & ESGV first (TonyC?), but it wasn’t me. I appropriated it, because it fits!




@JThur01 if you haven’t already, you should check out XLB Dumpling Bar in, ahem, eSGV. Way east.

And maybe more fodder for your next “Meanwhile in SGV” Eater article.


Hi @ipsedixit,

Oh? How does it compare to the rest of the XLB in L.A.? Worth a drive out?


Original location’s XLB’s are better than those at the Century CIty location. Plus, for lunch, there wasn’t much of a wait, definitely no queue when I arrived at 10am, just when they open.


I really don’t know. I was just passing along a bit of news for Jim. I mean, seriously, it’s just XLB. :wink:


Hi @ipsedixit,

Your palate would be able to tell if it was better or worse than other XLB spots! :wink: XLB are revered on FTC and beyond.

Next thing we know, you’ll say Mooncakes are just hockey pucks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks ipse. It didn’t make the cut-off for this month (already had too much!). And, Walnut! Man, I’ve only done one for Walnut, and that was only because it was a relocation. As the Chinese restaurant scene continues to expand further eastward into Walnut, Diamond Bar and beyond, I’ll step aside! It’s enough of a haul to make it to Rowland Heights.


has an article been printed in the month of november? i checked eater yesterday and didn’t see one. then again. the SGV page doesn’t list your october article either. somebody needs to give their webmaster a nudge in regards to keeping links updated.


Hmm, I’m up for heading over to Walnut to give them a try. That’s usually around Nogales and Amar, which isn’t as far out as one would think. Though you’re talking to someone who’s willing to drive out to Irvine and Rancho Cucamonga just for good Chinese food.


Submitted, but not published yet. Hopefully, the webmaster will see your comment :wink: (FWIW, the October update can be found by putting my name in the search window)


True, Nogales and Amar is just a few more minutes out of the normal ESGV loop, but even I have my limits :smile: (and that’s coming from someone who makes a drive of more than an hour to get to the WSGV).