E-San Rod-Sap, Lao food in Anaheim


Look for this market as the restaurant has no signs.

This is truly a hidden gem in Orange County. Yes they have “basic Thai” dishes but really you should come here for Laotian food. If you study the menu you will see some Laotian dishes but you should also make a visit to the counter where you will find more Laotian dishes. 2 items with rice is $6. Cheaper and tastier than fast food combo meal!

So I had:

Lao Chicken Noodle Soup. House made noodles that are Udon like but less cylinder shape. Slightly thick broth with fried shallots , cilantro, and garlic throughout. Was encouraged to use a little tableside chile oil, use the darker one. Comforting and tasty.

Papaya Salad, Lao style. Couldn’t be more different than Thai style, very funky and fermented. I am a wuss with this. Be sure to get some sticky rice. The padek/fermented fish sauce defeated me!

This soup was from the table! Bamboo Soup. Lots of bamboo, some green veg I can’t identify (look at that murky green color!), pumpkin, herbs/spices, and padek. You can taste a little of the funk but it is balanced out by sour, and savory notes. This is a instant favorite for me. This is a must order. Yes you can get a bowl of this, another dish, and rice for $6.

Will definitely be back to explore more of the dishes. Had great service from one of the workers here. As often with these mom-n-pop places you express interest in the food and culture you get benefits ~cough~ freebies~future recommendations~cough


Yes! I remember trying (and liking!) this place, maybe about 9-12 months ago? I also had the papaya salad, and I quite liked it despite its clearing out my sinuses. I’ll have to try the bamboo soup; I don’t remember what else I had at the moment…


Pure Chowhounding lives on… Excellent work.


Found my pictures, but not sure I remember what I ate other than the papaya salad:

Might have been the chicken soup with the chili already added?


Looks great. It’s also in the same plaza as the best Thai massage in the OC - Araya Thai Massage.


Had finally remembered to take some pics at our last meal but they came out so bad I was waiting for our next trip to post. Glad to see someone else not dropping the ball!

So far our favorites have been the BBQ Pork on a stick, salted crab papaya salad, duck noodle soup, boat noodles (my son’s fave but best when the cut the tripe thinly),house ribs and Lao Sausage.

The crispy rice tossed salad was OK, and my wife likes the pad thai but it is not one of her favorites. The Chinese sausage fried rice was good if unexciting.

Did not really love the panang curry, larb or nam tok.

I enjoyed the boat noodles there but had not tried them anywhere else - if someone else has an opinion, how does their version stack up?


This place was good, but for my favorite dishes (lao sausage, nam khao todd, papaya salad) I like Vientiane better

There’s a cool market next to this one though. And I’ve never had those soups…


I read the review in the OC Weekly and have been meaning to give it a go.


Nam Khao Tod. This was pretty good.

Was craving the holy trinity of lemongrass, kaffir lime, and galangal. The Tom Yum Goong hit the spot here.

Some Banana Sticky Rice came out fresh so of course I had to get some!

Imma try and hit up Thai Town next Sunday for New Years