Eataly - Century City


The problem with a situation like this is that it affects so many people, including food producers, store staff, and investors.


Agreed. He’s been removed from the operations of all the restaurants as well as the tv show. I hope people won’t punish the workers.


From B&B Hospitality Group follows:

"We take these allegations very seriously. We pride ourselves on being a workplace for our employees where they can grow and deliver great service with equal opportunity and free from any discrimination. We have strong policies and practices in place that address sexual harassment. We train employees in these policies and we enforce them, up to and including termination.

Mr. Batali and we have agreed that he will step away from the company’s operations, including the restaurants, and he has already done so. Our restaurants thrive because of the chefs, kitchen staff, and front-of-the-house teams who are dedicated to delivering great food and service. We are confident that they will continue working hard for our guests as they have done for years. We have had systematic policies and training about sexual harassment for over 10 years, including a detailed procedure for employees to report complaints to senior management. All members of management have participated in these trainings, including Mr. Batali.

We have decided to take a further step beyond our current policies and practices to ensure all employees feel comfortable and empowered to report issues. If employees have claims they want to make against any corporate officers or owners specifically, they may now contact the outside corporate investigations firm T&M Protection Resources, LLC, who has discretion to independently investigate complaints and report to outside counsel."


Corporations are taking this very seriously. Good. Things will change as a result.


Now if they’d only also take seriously the lack of decent seating and queue logistics & customer flow at Eataly…


@CiaoBob, which station serves the panigacci?


Main dining area - on your right (when facing East)


Question for anyone: is this the same thing as a piadina? The reason I ask is b/c they just made some on Milk Street (Chris Kimball’s new endeavor, incl TV show), and it sounds exactly like the panigacci described above.


Interesting question! It seems like it is maybe?..

Has anyone been to the namesake in Irvine?


Broken link?


Not sure about piadina and didn’t get to try the panigacci as the line for the dining area was a little long. Rosticceria was offering only beef (hope they offer pork at some point) so I opted instead for some Roman pizza and a cannoli.

As others have noted, the pizza is much thicker than typical Roman style. Brussels sprouts and panchetta slice looked great but tasted kinda meh.

The cannoli, OTOH, was fantastic. Crisp and creamy, albeit a little pricey at $4 a pop.

I also took a slice of Amatriciana pizza and a Porchetta Romana panini home for dinner. Both were excellent.

The Amatriciana was more flavorful and held together better than the Brussels sprouts slice. Not sure I’d bother with the pizza again, however, as there’s so much better available elsewhere.

The porchetta panini was outstanding. Thinly sliced meat with broccoli rabe and potato chips. In retrospect, I should’ve eaten the panini fresh so the chips would be crisp, but it was still quite tasty. I wouldn’t hesitate to get that again.

One final note regarding the layout. This was my second visit, and I’m starting to see what the complaints are about. The place wasn’t very crowded yet I was still constantly dodging strollers and those roller shopping baskets.

That said, it’s not enough to deter me from being a regular here. I can’t decide if it’s a good or a bad thing I live just within walking distance lol.


Made it to Eataly today. I suspended my cheapskate-ness to try some of the things noted in this thread and I’m happy I did.

Lunch at La Piazza to try their panigacci. I spilt the grande piatto platter, which included varieties of meats and cheeses and four panigacci for $28. Tasty, but not something I’m in a hurry to have again.

Browsed the counters and their wide selection of panettone. As if Eataly had known about my quest for both panettone and chestnut desserts, there was a sample station featuring a chestnut panettone.

Concluded with two flavors of gelato in a waffle cone. The pistachio was heavenly - rich, nutty, and dense. I could feel the milk fat lining the roof of my mouth. In contrast, the tiramisu had a light and airy texture, perhaps due to whipped in soaked lady fingers. The waffle cone was fine, though they tried charging me extra for a cone when the sign clearly listed two scoops in a cup or cone as the same price. She honored the listed price but said the sign was wrong.

Arriving at 11:30am on a Wednesday, parking was plentiful and there was no wait at noon for La Piazza or later for gelato. Long line for the pizza restaurant, but most vendors seemed easily accessible. No children or small dogs that I saw :sweat_smile:

I don’t know how you FTCers do it. Not even a real “bang bang” at Eataly, but I feel like I should just gnaw on some carrots for dinner.


Eataly, making GCM look like a bargain.


I read that Eataly is going to or has removed any Batali branded products from their stores.


I feel the same way living and working within walking distance of Eataly. I have eaten more carbs in the month that Eataly has been open than I have in the last year.

I finally gave in and tried the Roman pizza that everyone says is so meh and I actually quite enjoyed it. It is quite bready, but then one piece was enough to fill me up for dinner. I certainly wouldn’t drive across town for the Roman pizza, but I’m pleased to have it the neighborhood, although I have vowed to stay out of Eataly for awhile before the carbs kill me, or go back to only dining at Il Pesce.


Which kind? I liked the Amatriciana. And I agree – very filling.


I had amatraiciana - was very tasty.


Went today at 11:30. Parking was easy, no line to get in, aisles clear of baby strollers, no lines for restaurants, plenty of space at counters.

However (and this happened the last time, too), staff gather together to discuss their hours, their plans after work, to generally chit chat, and block the aisles. I couldn’t get to the cheese, nor the olive oil, nor the salami - all three areas blocked by people who work there, shooting the breeze. I had to interrupt one cluster to ask a question about the Bleu Cheeses, and was given a snide response. No fun.

Oh, and head’s up to anyone going there for 74% Venchi chocolate bars (like me) to stock up (like me). They’re sold out until “January sometime”. Most of the shelves in the Venchi market area are empty.


Show a little compassion @yogachik the organization must be rudderless without Mario.


That makes no sense. This occurred on my previous visits, also. And anyway, I’ve no compassion for whatever the fallout is for a man forced to leave, who allegedly had a “rape room”.