Eataly - Century City


Give the olive oils they carry a go, they’re quite good.


No wait Sunday at 8 PM after Superbowl (my new annual time) at Il Pesce.
Loved the Roasted Cod, Swordfish Livornese and a Scallop crudo.


I don’t recall anyone saying they “hated” the pizza.

Or maybe they’ve just tried much better versions of Roman pizza elsewhere?



I like Western bagel. It is not a bagel though. Tasty bread.

Same here. I liked the Roman pizza at Eataly but it was neither Roman nor Pizza. Tasty bread.


It’s focaccia.


Yep! In every other Eatly… it’s Focaccia…



Weekday afternoons at Eataly have now calmed down enough that I finally decided to wander over from my office across the street and grab a quick lunch. Got the “pizza” capricciosa, roasted beets and green bean salad. Call the pizza whatever you wish, I quite like it. Vegetable dishes were fresh and well executed in both texture and seasonings (green beans were a little over dressed for me; I’ll probably eat the rest of them over some salad greens). And I’m also pleasantly surprised by the reasonableness of at least some of the prices. This plate is approximately half of each of my items, and the grand total was around $13.


@cookiemonster What time did you go? I haven’t been brave enough to actually go to Eataly during “normal” lunch hours.

Where did the vegetable items come from – from what I think of as the roasted chicken counter?

People who complain about Eataly’s prices should try lunching at crappy Trimania. I usually pay close to $15 for items from Trimania’s steam stable in Century City. I’m always shocked when my lunch is put on the scale and the total comes up on the cash register because we are not talking gourmet food.


Hi @Omotesando, I was there around 2:15, so after the typical lunch hour. The vegetables did indeed come from the roast chicken counter, and as I think about it they really are a great value at $5.80/pound, compared to the prepared food counters at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, etc. The lovely counterperson also have me a sample of the caponata, and I’m going to need to go back for some of that soon…


I have been going to Eataly every Tuesday afternoon around 2. No lines. I buy fresh fish, antipasto items, such as grilled artichokes in Olive oil, small red peppers stuffed with breadcrumbs and parmesan, green beans from the rotisserie counter, The White Moustache yogurt would be reason enough to keep me returning. Also like the freshly-made meatballs from the meat counter (uncooked). I also pick up a couple of paninis for the next days lunch, the porchetta is still delicious the next day. I have had the fresh oysters in the seafood restaurant. Unusually good mignonette sauce.


Porchetta !? Which stand? How served?


It’s at the panini stand it’s already sliced and pre assembled. I had one and felt like it was too salty


It’s at the panini stand and comes with a nice salsa verde and potato chips (i.e., on the sandwich). I rather like it (better than the pork arista at the rosticerria) but it may not be what you’re expecting. The meat is sliced thin and served cold (i.e., a cold cut).

It’s definitely on the salty side. I think from the chips.


Dang. Can’t remember last time I sent a dish back

Grainy Felix level al dente times 5. Not chewable.

And on related note why are all the clams out of the shell?

Amazing spaces though


ok so now that i have some time to expand upon my first visit… dont read as a rant

What an amazing place, this restaurant space is just gorgeous, all view. Unfortunately the line cooks are weak and aren’t being watched. After getting a completely uneatable linguine i waited for the second of my $26 (32.5 after tt) bowl of pasta with clams patiently, having apologized profusely for sending it back, something I just never do. Obviously I have to order a second glass of wine because who’s going to have this dish without a glass of white wine.

Second one comes out and it’s shockingly different from the first ASIDE from the pasta itself. Saucing is much less, there is almost no parsley, there is NO salt. It’s hot though which was an upgrade from the first one.

It’s a god damned noodle with clams dish how hard is that when you charge this price and have pristine ingredients?

Let me just document it all:
raw pasta, second fine
no salt, first one fine
almost no parsley on either one, which is just idiotic
first one spicy as fuck with the chili, second one not at all
one cold, one not
now the clams… why the hell does chef think it’s a good idea to preshuck all the clams? so your bowl has empty shells and clams, half the fun is sucking the clam out of the shell, so the textile experience is gone, and most importantly the clam juice… when clams open up naturally from cooking they release the water and flavor the sauce and pasta… whose amazing idea is this?

i dont even mind having wasted $60 on a bowl of pasta and 2 of their cheapest wines, what i do mind is that the super polite waiter and manager who kept wanting to talk about my comfort levels didn’t care to make me want to return… i’d offer the second fukin glass of wine at least…

the entire experience of Eataly is completely gorgeous and mind blowing, the vendor stands are shockingly beautiful and I got some great cheese. with unlimited funds one should shop there all the time… but it’s all super cost prohibitive to normals

for a sit down meal i dont see why i’d go there over one of our many italian restaurants since it’s going to cost as much anyway and it’s at a mall


Suggest getting your clam fix at the seafood restaurant. They do not shuck the clams and they are delicious, little manilla clams.


Occasionally, a place is rant worthy. I know we all want to post only positive reviews, which guide us to the good spots, but it’s also good to know when the emperor has no clothes, especially at that price point.


It’s Michael C though. How can this be happening? Who is watching the line?

It’s geoduck and razor clams CHOPPED UP to make sauce? The served with preshucked manilas without the liquor? Why on earth? This is creativity? I want no part of it haha


That was sort of my impression from a (brief) visit (didn’t eat anything but the samples) and from reading other posts here. I really enjoyed browsing and walking through the place, but I haven’t been particularly interested in going back to actually pay for a meal there.


the vendors are museum quality… just perfect… made me wish i had fat stacks. they have many things that are hard to find at that levels of quality found in italy… but yea…everything is double priced… i know wine prices pretty well and was walking by the bottles going… yep… that’s half at k&l… it’s fine… they can charge what they want… no beef with me and the rest without paper to burn