Eataly - Century City


“Food porn” is generally considered a photo but words can be as good or better :slight_smile:



Eataly in Chicago was the only place I’ve had a panic attack; but that was almost five years ago, so I was excited to go back to Century City.

Tried the Burrata pizza. The black salt, lemon zest and pesto that were also noted on the menu seemed like ingredients that would enhance the cheese’s creaminess, but instead, those supporting ingredients just turned into a salt and acidity bomb that stopped me and my date from finishing the thing.

When I asked the server about this she shrugged and said “oh, it’s the pesto.”

I might go back for a cheese plate or something, but… eh. Probably one of the most disappointing dishes I’ve had in a very long time, with service that left an extremely poor impression.


Nice charcuterie and cheese platter at the roof bar. I ate a piece of the mortadella before I thought to take the picture. There’s a pile of chunks of Reggiano behind the ricotta and crackers. They were happy to give me more toast.

Between that platter and the mutton skewers I didn’t have appetite for a proper dinner.


That looks lovely. Do you recall which cheeses were served?


Do you mean to say that you had a panic attack from pleasure? B/c most people don’t want to return to a place that gave them a panic attack… Just sayin’…


Good Reggiano and OK local (?) ricotta.


I can imagine having a panic attack from the crowds.


Yep! From the crowds. It was bad. (cc @paranoidgarliclover).

Like Bottega Louie meets Chuck E Cheese, ha.ha.


Had a really bad experience at Terra. Food was just ok. We had reserved a table so we were inside. The ventilation was not working and smoke was billowing into the restaurant. They did nothing. I spoke to the manager who simply apologized. Would not go back.


Any recent reports on Terra? Yelp reviews re: service are scary.


Been a handful of times. First time was right when they opened—had a reservation but they still made us wait 40 minutes. Left a really bad taste in my mouth. Service next few times has been fine, but nothing to write home about. Food is pretty good. A little pricey but it’s a nice spot (at least the outside patio) to grab some food and a drink if convenient, but not a place I would travel great lengths to visit.


Name alert: I thought at first glance y’all were talking about Tesse (Bill Chait’s new place on Sunset Strip in WeHo)…


Sitting at the bar, the service was friendly and professional.


The rotisserie/prime rib counter (La Rosticceria) now closes at 4pm. Not sure if it’s just on weekdays or every day, but apparently it wasn’t busy enough to warrant keeping it open until 8pm (per an employee my wife spoke with). Don’t like the optics on that one.

Anyhoo, the end result was no rotisserie chicken dinner plate for me tonight.


Terra was pretty cool. Came in w/ low expectations and they were definitely exceeded.

Crowd @ 6pm felt like every entertainment/finance professional within 2 blocks was there.


My favorite place to dislike that I secretly love. :slight_smile:

They have very, very much improved the pizza slabs. Light and crusty dough and nice proportions of toppings, unlike the dense slabs and overly salted slices of the past. I ordered an assortment, and all were well-liked.


Hot chocolat, almost like a warm pot de creme. Rich and bitter, it was incredible. I highly recommend this.

Dinner provisions.


Sales until January 13th for their anniversary. This looks intriguing.