Eater: Austin’s La Barbecue Aims for a Second Location in Los Angeles


Wishful thinking on my part bc I live 3 minutes from there.
There is no chance La Barbecue is going to set up shop anywhere near here.


It’s La for LeAnn Mueller, the founder.


I actually think Brea demographics would be a “can’t miss” location for them.

Maple Block is in Culver City and you can walk in on a Saturday night. In Brea, shit would be a 2 hour wait.


They should open in Chinatown. Duh!


Def a game changer for LA’s scene. The small sampling of what I had in Texas should really up the game here especially if Adam Perry Lang is going to open up shop here as well.


Smorgasburg in September


Has anyone tried Bartz Barbecue which is mentioned in that article?


Yay! But just one day a week? Or will they be elsewhere on other days?


Smorgasburg continues to serve a pretty awesome function in LA…


I haven’t been since last October(?) - kind of a let-down, plus it was scorching hot. Am I due for a revisit?


Ultimately I think it all depends on what you choose to get–more about the choices than the place itself, because there are literally dozens of vendors and lots of good food. I imagine it’s easy to miss a few times, but there are some very good, high quality vendors there. The hot star chicken is really good, macheen’s breakfast burrito is awesome, goa taco is good, hummus yummy is delicious.


The biggest losses at Smorgasburg were Guerilla Tacos and the mozzarella stick place. The 2 times I went to Smoargasburg Guerilla Tacos had essentially no line and all the same great options as any other location and my kids loved those damn $10 mozzarella sticks.


you can go for Ugly Drum pastrami, i don’t know if his bread has improved but the pastrami itself is worth it (IMO)


Guerilla is what I went for - no-show by the time we left (1230-1300?). Sad day.


We had Ugly Drum - very good but still prefer The King of Pastrami. Bread was good but fell apart after first or second bite.


I guess they would have pulled out eventually once their DTLA location opens. But it was a convenient way to taste Guerilla and a bunch of other vendors.