Eating eagle eggs


Has anyone ever cooked and/or eaten eggs from an eagle?

I’m curious about the experience, and the circumstances leading up to it (because from what I can tell even though bald eagles are no longer on the endangered species list, you still cannot buy eagle eggs).


Bald and Golden Eagles are protected by The Migratory Bird Treaty Act which prohibits you from taking any part of the bird, including eggs, whether or not the birds are on the endangered species list.


Ok, thanks.

But still doesn’t explain why people don’t eat eagle eggs.


Well I’m sure there are those who steal and eat the eggs regardless.

I don’t know if this video is legit:



I’m just really curious as to how they taste.

Cuz, if they were tasty, people would eat them. Legal or not.


I believe the eagle would win every time. For sure you’re just going to crawl up into the eagle’s nest and take the eggs. LOL. Maybe it’s like taking a cub from a grizzly bear. Who knows. That’s my guess.


Emglow, that’s one of the most spot-on comments I’ve probably ever read :slight_smile:


Eagles aren’t even in the top 6 most dangerous birds.

If people can get ostrich eggs, eagle ones should be cinch.


All things are relative :slight_smile: And I’m guessing ostriches don’t build their nests high up in trees. LOL


Talk to Nacho…


Go get em, ipse! We’ll watch. Don’t forget to report back. :slight_smile:


Not in a million years.


Plus, they would give you Eagle Powers.