Eim Khao Mun Kai (Thai chicken rice) - Elmhurst, Queens. Any good?


Anyone tried this Thai chicken rice place in Elmhurst? Bit of a hike for me. Want to check the pulse to see if its worth making the trek. Pics look legit


If you do go, can you please take a higher-resolution photo of that great poster?



Will do.


I need to know about the health benefits of gizzard and liver.


This reviewer disagrees sharply with Yelp, but check out the review for E Noodle House in Flushing.


I wonder if they dumbed down their rice since the Times reviewed it? Doesn’t look the same.


Why??? :slight_smile: Surely you don’t only eat things with “health benefits.” ???


Thanks for the link, yeah pretty lackluster review. E-noodle house sounds promising.