Elite Restaurant


We go to Elite every month or two for dim sum and always think our food is delicious.

Has the jade dragon boat in the entrance survived the remodel? I enjoy looking at it while we wait for our table. I tell my husband that he should steal it for me. :wink:

A photo at Elite Restaurant


Sorry, I didn’t notice. Guess I was thinking about food.


Past 5 yrs, maybe a little longer? I remember my dad ordering them once at Lunasia and being horrified (both at XLB being available at a Canto place and at the taste).

Actually, the taste wasn’t TERRIBLE, but they def weren’t particularly good.


They’re just plain bad. Same goes for the ones at Mama Lu’s and 101 Noodle but both are slightly better than the terrible ones at dim sum places around SGV…

If there’s a scale of 1 - 10, dim sum ones are usually a 3.5, 101 Noodle’s are like 5, Mama Lu’s are like a 6, DTF’s are like a 7.5 (at the branch I tried).


I just don’t get them at dim sum places.

So none get a 10? Then how do you grade below 10? What do you compare those other grades to?


Benu gets a 10! Hopefully my HK trip in 2 months will yield many more 10s!


Benu serves XLB? LOL. I would so hope that XLB isn’t seen in HK but what do I know?


I think it becomes mainstream when even Cerritos Chinese places have XLB on their dim sum line up a la New Canaan. I haven’t tried them, but my brother has and he says it’s mildly passable, but nothing like DTF.


Shanghai low-end XLB is superb. But in SH, do SJB too.
In Taiwan, XLB art has elevated to next-gen tastiness - makes even the O.G. DTF location seem pedestrian.


@moonboy403, are you going to Shanghai and/or Taiwan?


Unfortunately not.


Didn’t someone here say that the ones at dim sum places WERE from Mama Lu? Or perhaps my dad said that…


I like Mama Lu’s. Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I’ve been there for XLB.


You like Mama Lu’s in general, or you like the XLB from Mama Lu’s specifically?

I’ve had Mama Lu’s to-go, but my parents had purchased it, and I have no recollection what they ordered (other than it not being XLB, enjoying the food, and being pleasantly surprised when they told me where the food was from).

XLB are kind of a special sort of thing, so it’s entirely possible that Mama Lu’s does most of their other menu items just fine. :slight_smile:


Mama Lu’s in general, though my memory of their bags of frozen XLB is positive, too. I am overdue for a re-visit, though!



Edit: I just realized that the icon I used isn’t a thumbs up which is a mistake LOL


As Ricky Ricardo used to sing, “MamaLuuuuu!”


The actual Mama Lu - of Dean Sin World fame - supplied XLB to many restaurants, but I don’t know about dim sum places specifically. The family still might supply restaurants. Not sure.


i think my opinion of ML (i’m pretty sure that sign says mama’s lu but not worth arguing about) mirrors that of tonyc - get the XLB and the scallion pancake - and avoid the touristy canto portion of their menu…

their XLB had decent QPR before they raised their prices. i’d liken ML & XLB to 101 noodle express & beef roll; maybe 10 years ago they’d be acknowledged as a standard, but others have since raised the bar considerably higher.

my non DTF favorites in the SGV (at a fraction of the price) are at shanghai dumpling house. my criterion include delicacy of the wrapper and the quality and amount of broth. and my favorite SJB is at tasty noodle house.


So, like Carl’s Jr. or Ruth’s Chris?