Elite Restaurant


I think one of them is Mama’s Lu and the other is Mama Lu’s, to distinguish the two branches in the same city.


i just figure that if they go to the trouble of having a sign made and leaving it that way… FWIW, mama’s “lu dumpling house” makes as much sense to me as the other way. but we are going waaaay off topic.


I seem to recall Monterey Park prohibiting or limiting identically named businesses on public safety grounds. That led to the existence of Sam World, Same World and Same Ward restaurants in Monterey Park back in the 1980s.


IQ test: What would be the logical name of the business preceding these 3 restaurants?
A. Sam Ward
B. Sam Word
C. Sane Ward
D. Sane World
E. None of the above


i remember those were still around in the early 90’s but IIRC, a couple of them were fairly close to each other on garvey (so i assumed that they weren’t related but were banking on the similarity in name). but then you have golden deli & vietnam house at the same intersection, so you can have co-existing branches in close proximity.

wait; what about franchises such as mcdonald’s etc. did MP mandate only one such location of each in MP? that would never fly with starbucks nowadays.


Using Cerritos as a barometer for “mainstream” American Chinese restaurant practices is just way too apt. +1


Finally had a chance to dig into the archives, and the names Sam World, Same World and Same Ward were used to distinguish them from Sam Woo, as the Chinese names for the above three restaurants were all “Sam Woo”. What I don’t remember if these were real Sam Woo branches or fake ones.


the equivalent in english would be:



You made me think of Acme Oyster House (sigh).