Epic Face Palm


From NextShark: People unfamiliar with Chinese round table-style dining…


reminds me of a video of Japanese people watching white people eat ramen! They didn’t seem overly impressed lol!


Do you suppose they didn’t look around and see that their way wasn’t THE way? And what are all those thermoses?


Come on is this for real? How would you decide who gets what? They ordered a full course family meal of different items then people just took the entire dish that looked good to them?


I’m guessing each person ordered something assuming that it was their own.


So the server came around to take orders and everyone just ordered separately, without any discussion what people like? I see a couple soups, did the server bring soup bowls for everyone? Did the server put it all in the middle? Where did this happen? So many questions. If it is real it is fascinating because I have never experienced this.


Lucky Cricket’s target demo.


Yeah, well, people who shoot in portrait instead of landscape are not allowed to criticize anyone for anything, ever.


It’s appropriate when photographing individuals. That’s why they call it portrait.


It’s appropriate for STILL PHOTOGRAPHS of individuals. It looks ridiculous in a video, when the aspect ratio should be 1:1.3 or thereabouts.

And anyway, the NextShark clip isn’t a portrait. it’s a table pan


There’s a video on that page? I guess that explains the blank space in my browser.


Your browser is probably trying to shield you from watching videos shot in portrait mode, which is good browser behavior. The clip is right below this line of text: “Take the case, for example, of this group of diners who ordered a Chinese full-course meal.”

I will say that the people eating out of serving dishes look…uninformed.


Are those flaming ‘heaters’ underneath some of them? I wish there were video of the staff and other customers.


It looks like it, right? In which case it’s almost like grabbing a metal pan of ziti off the buffet, sterno and all, and taking it back to your seat.


There are hot-pot restaurants that serve individual pots that way. I found having the hot alcohol fumes wafting into my face a very unpleasant experience and would not repeat it.


Bleah. I’m going for hotpot on Tuesday at a newish place that (I think) does give everyone her own pot. Hopefully they use induction. Hard to tell from the pictures.


I got a blank space too. It really should be filmed on landscape.


I’m wondering why the staff or the Asian companion didn’t school them on Chinese dining. That would have been nice. Yes, it’s funnier to film them and laugh at them. It is indeed funny. I cringed. I laughed. I rolled my eyes at their ignorance. But then I started wondering how funny we’d think it is if the tables were turned and someone posted white folks filming and mocking Chinese or any other non-white diners for getting it wrong. This would be a much more serious thread. :sweat_smile:


Very true, TC. Thanks for pointing that out. And I’m betting we ‘white folks’ make far more mistakes.


Oh! I knew that this was floating round here somewhere. Yea, my Christmas wasn’t quite as bad, but one person did pick up the noodles they ordered and set it in front of their self and contentedly ate them while occasionally stabbing a few more pieces of duck onto their noodle plate. It was okay, just funny. How do people not know how to eat?