Epic! Revolutionario's North African Tacos


Too bad I already ate lunch! Dinner maybe?! that looks great, I have been meaning to get down there but this might put me over the edge. Have been missing Gjusta’s version ever since the took it off the menu long ago


Every woman who has had to lie to a guy.


I would go just for Merguez…damn…I hope he keeps that on. I wish I had seen this earlier =(


Definitely. After the meal we told Chef Zadi that we hoped he’d keep both the Couscous Chicken Tagine and the Merguez on the menu. He said he’d like to, but it’s really labor-intensive making both from scratch, but he said he’d consider it if he could work out the logistics. I hope so.


damn, he’s making couscous from scratch for his taco place! wow. respect, that is hard work


Man, his tacos are valuable, but honestly, a single-item stand serving just perfect mergeuz sandwiches on great french bread would almost add more to LA’s diversity in some ways. Not knocking the tacos, but I can’t think of a place I can go get a super amazing merguez sandwich like that anywhere in LA. I hope it ends up being randomly popular enough that he considers opening up such a place haha


sadly it is not a restaurateur’s job to add to diversity. hard to believe a stand making only merguez could survive outside the Casbah, even if it were run by Pepe le Moko himself.


Location location location.


Finally made it over their tonight. Sounds like they are going to try and run the merguez through summer and you can get it in taco form as well. For your money they really give you a lot of sausage and it is juicy and flavorful. The Lamb here is on the gamey side (the lamb taco as well) which I really like but if you are a bit shy about that be aware.

They are warm and friendly, I just wish it was easier to spot from the street. Took me 3 passes to spot but all and all a cool place


Hi @aaqjr,

Awesome! I’m so glad Chef Zadi was able to make it work. :slight_smile:

When we spoke to him, he had said that he wanted to, but he wasn’t sure when it might work out. Maybe he got more help / figured out a way to make enough each weekend?

BTW, did they tell you if they were serving it only on Saturday & Sundays? Or throughout the week?

I can’t wait to go back for more Merguez. :slight_smile:


I went today, so should be through out the week as well. The only caveat being they have a small kitchen (just the chef and his wife) so when it runs out, that’s it for the day.


Went today… but too early! They would only sell us the Merguez in Breakfast Burrito Form. Which was GOOD. But I wanted that crusty roll!!!



Hi @Dommy,

Glad you tried it, but yes, definitely must try it on the crusty French Roll (the way Chef Zadi recommends it). :slight_smile:


Thanks for the merguez tip @Chowseeker1999 . I’m really not a fan of non-Mexican shiz in tortillas, so I was really thrilled to see his merguez back on the menu.

$9 for a banh mi stuffed with house merguez, you gotta love the expo park cheap rent:


Hi @TonyC,

Awesome! I’m glad you were able to try Chef Zadi’s Housemade Merguez. I need to go back for this soon (totally got sidetracked last weekend). :slight_smile:


Better go soon


Thanks for the link @ipsedixit. Very sad. I hope the new landlords are willing to work out a deal of some sort, or if not, I hope Chef Zadi finds a new place with good parking and access for all.


Thanks for the heads up!! I need to get back, the food and hospitality have been great for me


Good news!



We were just there last week - went two days in a row - first visits. Day 1 for dinner (after spending most of the day at the Pearl’s BBQ hoedown, and lots of DTLA brew #toomuchofagoodthing). We had items off the specials menu - Pumpkin, fava bean and kale tagine with couscous and a seabass, sweet pepper, jalapeno, lime, w/ charred vegetable combination over rice. A great way to settle into the evening. Day 2- late lunch, post Spider Pavilion at the NHM. Merguez sausage special - at least a foot-long merguez coiled over rice with vegetables, also a mushroom/kale/feta taco, and Ras el Hanout cauliflower taco. BF is a cauliflower convert. I could live solely on the pickled goods in the condiment tray. Chef Zadi is a busy and happy guy! Still epic!