Epic! Revolutionario's North African Tacos


Hi @Local,

Awesome! So glad you liked Revolutionario. :slight_smile: I love the Ras el Hanout Cauliflower as well (and most of his menu). :wink:


Count me among the Revolutionario converts. Duck hash, smoked lamb, and merguez sausage were all off the hook. The merguez, in particular, was so flavorful. Just spicy enough to get your nose running without being painful. It comes two to an order.

I didn’t even see the condiment tray and sauces until I was almost done. It’s cool, though. Just gives me something else to look forward to the next time I visit, which will be soon.


Hi @Bigmouth,

So glad you liked it! :slight_smile: If you see their Chicken Tagine (as a combo, not a taco) on the daily specials you should try it. Really good!

Their vegetable tacos are pretty spectacular as well.


Took me awhile to finally try these tacos out! You guys know I love me some tacos!!

I like the Duck Hash and Black Eyed Pea Falafel the best! Lots of different salsas and escabeches. Nice personal service from both the Mom and Pop.

If I had to critique is the tortillas are too delicate against the fillings and braises (they are very very generous with their fillings as you can see). A more rustic thicker tortilla would work better for some of the tacos. Actually one taco completely fell apart. Besides the construction the flavor is there and unique!!


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Nice, so glad you liked Revolutionario.

Love those fillings as well. Was the sausage you had the handmade Merguez Lamb?

Totally agree about the tortilla.


Yup it was the Merguez!! I actually liked it, and I am not even much of a lamb guy tbh.

The current weekend special now FYI is a Paella.


Just had my first Revolutionario experience and WOW I haven’t felt so electrified since maybe the first time I had the shrimp taco from Mariscos Jalisco. We had:

-Black eyed pea falafel: probably the tastiest falafel I’ve had in LA. On the crunchy side which is not what I usually prefer, but it was just so flavorful. Wow!
-Chickpea tagine: this was my first bite and a true statement of intent. Yeah it made the tortilla itself disintegrate more or less immediately, but it was just awesome.
-Cilantro yogurt chicken: huge chunks of super flavorful chicken. Fantastic.
-Smoked chicken: looked the most plain of all the tacos (before we dressed it), but we got it as a grilled cheese taco and it was a total flavor bomb. Was my wife’s favorite (so I only got one bite :slight_smile: )
-Fried Cauliflower: crunchy and played very well with one of the spicier sauces
-Smoked lamb: huge portion of fork-tender well seasoned lamb

I will definitely be back! And finally I have a good thing to say about USC :wink:


Right on. (see what I did there?)


Can’t wait to see what @tailbacku has to say.


I know, it is just awful to explain a joke, but I’m not too proud to admit that I don’t get it.


I assume “Right On” instead of “Fight On” (which is USC’s athletic motto).


Has to say about what?




USC’s mantra: " Fight on." (OJ and Reggie Bush probably remember that)

But recent news has somewhat diminished the luster of the University of Suspect Conduct…


Only recent? Don’t forget about W. French Anderson…


Go Bruins

Oh wait, gotta keep it on topic. Um, those tacos look amazing!

(Go Bruins)


After getting the Heisman at both Guerrilla and Superfine Pizza, we decided to hit up Revolutionario. And it appears fate was on our side the whole time as the food was fantastic.

My buddy got smoked lamb, beef barbacoa, duck hash, and falafel.

I ordered smoked lamb, yogurt chicken, duck hash, and chickpea tagine.

All were excellent but I thought the smoked lamb was the real standout this time.


Was this today?
I popped in yesterday at about 2PM to give it a test run before I took the general manager.
I had the chicken tagine, the duck hash, and the smoked lamb (no merguez left).
The duck hash was fine. The other two really good, I thought.


We were there Friday around 1pm.

The general manager? FZ or RP? :wink:


Those sausage link tacos look good, but I went last year and I decided I would leave the tacos to the mexcians.
I’m sticking with the Mexicans on this one.