Eric Greenspan's New Jewish Deli Fleishik’s Opens This Week!


Thanks, obvs that’s what I meant-


I almost died when I went to Pastrami Queen in NYC and someone paid $15 for a turkey sandwich. The gruff attitude was free.


Go with the chopped liver/pastrami sand as @wienermobile so conveniently mentioned.

If you eat the whole thing, massive e-cred.


Several dollars cheaper at Greenblatt’s, available until 2 AM, and 99% as good as Langer’s, better than Nate n Al’s.

Nate n Al’s is smack in the middle of Beverly Hills, Langer’s is on the edge of MacArthur park. There ought to be a difference in overhead. Greenblatt’s is on a somewhat prominent part of Sunset and undercuts both (and tastes better than Nate n Al’s).

Also no sides other than pickles at Langer’s, so the price is even less justified other than simply the name brand.

Delis might not be budget dining, but you’re for sure getting a touch “ripped off” for the name brand of Langer’s. How much that bothers you will vary by diner I suppose.


Brent’s is in the middle of nowhere and a only $1 cheaper, with a side.

I agree Langer’s is expensive but to call it the most expensive sandwich in LA and quibble over a couple bucks- most of the Jewish- style delis are in the same general range.


Brent’s has the balls to charge $8 for 4 mozz sticks and 4 fried zucchini spears so they are no stranger to overcharging.

Certainly the pastrami at Brent’s is cheaper though when you factor in the included side for which you can request their pretty damn tasty onion rings.


What is a more expensive sandwich in LA?


It is difficult for me to have a discussion with you, so this is my last post on the subject.

You made it sound like Langer’s was outrageously priced.

I provided 2 Jewish-style delis, one the same price as Langer’s and one $1 less, although both included sides.

Honestly, I am no Langer’s fan. The area is a shithole, I’m not a pastrami lover and their hours don’t work for me. Last time ( 6 months ago) I bought 2 loaves of rye and a half pound of sub-par brisket for I believe around $30.

I prefer Nate N Al- which is the same general price range and overall better at more than just one thing.

Edited to add: I’m sure a Google search will turn up more expensive sandwiches, but I’m not wasting the time.


Hi @Aesthete -

Sounds delicious. Yah, I think our #19 was more than $16 too. Last time we had them my husband went in and picked up. It wasn’t as much as yours yesterday. But I could have sworn he said at the time they were $18 + a bag of chips (I can’t tell ya’ if he tipped or not). But yesterday when I asked he said $16. I think he’s confused :slight_smile:.

Anyway, it’s a rare treat. We don’t mind the price. It’s a bomb sandwich!


I think on a per ounce basis, the Slut at Eggslut might be the most expensive sandwich in LA. Maybe that’s debatable, but certainly more expensive than a Langer’s No. 16. At least on a per ounce basis.


[quote=“Ns1, post:42, topic:5271”]
$15 for a turkey sandwich.
[/quote]Wow! Did it come with anything?


[quote=“A5KOBE, post:43, topic:5271”]
Go with the chopped liver/pastrami sand
[/quote]I’m scared :grimacing:.


me too! I could be completely wrong and these sandwiches may actually taste great w/ the odd combinations (although I’m not taking one for the team-lol). I hope he does well—LA could use some more creative options for those that keep kosher.


I think the reason Jewish-style delis don’t skimp on the price of their sandwiches is because they don’t skimp on the meat. Some places put so much meat on the sandwich that I order extra bread to make another sandwich the next day. Obviously this is from a female perspective. Some of the guys might not agree.

Question: What do you get at Nate n’ Al’s?


[quote=“LAgirl, post:54, topic:5271”]
(although I’m not taking one for the team-lol).
[/quote]I probably will. I live close. So why not?


[quote=“LAgirl, post:54, topic:5271”]
LA could use some more creative options for those that keep kosher.
[/quote]That would be a good thread.


A pickle and a side of attitude.


That was funny!


[quote=“TheCookie, post:56, topic:5271”]
I probably will. I live close. So why not?
[/quote]But I’m not eating any f-ing arugula!


At Nate N Al’s I like their corned beef.