Eric Greenspan's New Jewish Deli Fleishik’s Opens This Week!


I don’t blame you. I agree that arugula doesn’t belong on any sandwich (as you said it’s delicate). It’s usually wilted (when on a warm sandwich) so it doesn’t add any veggie crunch, just bitter slime……




Even if you are not Jewish! A good sandwich crosses religious boundaries. As for arugula I would think its peppery-ness would cut across the richness of brisket even if its not traditional. Heck Gjusta puts broccolini in with its porchetta melt IIRC arugula doesn’t sound that odd to me anyway.


Usual twice- monthly order…Plenty of half-sours ( complimentary), corned beef or brisket on rye, always a cup of matzo ball soup and a side of the potato pancakes (best in LA for me)

Oh, and a cooler in the car at the ready for leftovers and whatever I buy in the case.


I’m late to the party, but I agree. I went a couple weeks back, and it’s all I’ve thought about since.


I’ll keep an open mind and a loaf of rye in the car :joy:.

I’m in Laguna- so will make it at some point.


I don’t mind the price either, I just found it interesting that their prices had shot up almost 20% from your post. And as a kind of funny side note I think it’s interesting to not that it’s 20% more expensive than a sandwich somewhere like Gjusta, which is sometimes derided as overly expensive hipster bullshit. I like that Langer’s sort of nullifies that criticism against Gjusta or pretty much any other excellent sandwich maker in the city.

Lamgwr’s sandwich is quite good, but regardless of price not really something you should be eating every day haha


Oh cool. I usually get one of the smoked fish bagels or pick-up soup when one of us has a cold. I should have known Nate 'n Al’s would do a good corned beef. I actually prefer corned beef. It’s part of why I like Langer’s pastrami; it’s slightly thicker cut and has a texture similar to corned beef. To me anyway.


Corned beef sandwich at Fountain Room (BHills Hotel) is $22/23.

My uncle worked at the hotel for 40 years- love that place


I feel that Jewish delis in general get a pass for exorbitant pricing. Compared to Jewish delis, Wax Paper seems like a fucking bargain.


No, it’s not odd. You’re probably right. It’s just a matter of preference. I love the peppery-ness of arugula and eat it all the time. I just think it gets slimy on a sandwich, especially a warm sandwich.

I don’t know if it’s really a religious thing as much as a traditional thing. Some things just seem wrong together :grin:. Btw, I think broccolini on a porchetta melt seems delicious.


And compared to Jewish delis, Vietnamese delis are like soup kitchens for gourmands.


Me too :heart:.


You can get a full on Dac Biet sandwich + an egg roll on the side for less than the cost of fries at Langer’s.


You’re a true chowhound.
Thanks for the potato pancake tip! There’s a lot of mediocre ones out there.


Why do they get a pass? Racism?


Because pastrami


I don’t know what Wax Paper is. But I think you could be right about Jewish delis. I never really thought about it that hard.


So? Why can hipsters make it cheaper?


Less overhead? Beats me. I’ve been decrying Langer’s pricing for eons, doesn’t stop me from going though. I mean technically they have to rent/own 2 properties, the restaurant and the parking lot. So I guess if you factor that in, each check is subsidizing that parking.

I don’t go to my local NYC deli in Burbank because they charge Langer’s pricing w/o Langer’s quality. I spend too much money every time I go to Brent’s too, but at least Brent’s is good