Eric Greenspan's New Jewish Deli Fleishik’s Opens This Week!


True. Places like Nate 'n Al’s, Langer’s et al probably require a lot of kitchen staff.


Read Save the Deli by Dave Sax, articles about Langer’s, other local Jewish-style delis and just ask managers/ owners of delis about food cost /shrinkage ( not that kind).

Interesting stuff to me, of course I was born knawing on a piece of rye at Zucky’s Santa Monica in the late 50s.


Seriously. Lenny’s in Westwood slaps three canned Mission olives, a slice of lettuce and some mealy tomatoe slices on the plate holding your overlly-salty lox and stale bagel, and it costs $18?

No thank you. I’d rather have Wexler’s $12 lox bagel, or Gjusta’s “$9 and up” lox sandwich (I still haven’t figured out their pricing).


Speaking of most expensive pastrami sandwiches, ugly drum has gotta be up there.

Although I think their smoked pastrami is really delicious I went to smorgasburg and they charged me 20 bucks for 8 ounces of pastrami on rye and mustard…they’re so cheap that they have a digy scale to measure out the exact amount of pastrami like they’re selling pot or something… didnt even come with a pickle😭


Actually, Italian roast pork with broccoli rabe and provolone has long been a standard sandwich alternative to the more famous cheesesteak in Philadelphia so a porchetta melt with rapini and fontina makes perfect (and delicious) sense to me.


[quote=“Bookwich, post:84, topic:5271”]
Lenny’s in Westwood
[/quote]Is that the place that replaced Junior’s? I went once… once was enough.


Don’t forget you get the “pleasure” of their awful dry bread as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried Langer’s just once. Thought it delicious, but more rich than I care to eat…ever. On the area, I disagree. I have family that lives a block away :expressionless:

I think some of the combinations at Fleishik’s sound quite appetizing, despite being non-traditional. Look forward to giving it a try.


Same exact order with a side of crispy fries.


I have to see if I can find my pic from that place! So weak- and they only validate for an hour.

Once was enough for me too.

The reason I prefer the traditional- style delis is that there is something on those big menus that appeal to everyone.


Sorry, didn’t mean to insult anyone :smiley:


None of the LA delis mentioned here are kosher.

Deli prices seem high compared to other sandwich places because there generally is more and better meat or fish. You can’t compare this to grilled cheese or tuna sandwich prices although you can now find some pricey hamburgers.


Sorry, regarding the kosher discussion, I was referring to Langer’s, Brents, Nate n Al’s. The info on Greenspan’s place indicates it is kosher.


Crazy, where do practicing Jews go for deli fare?


I’ve had mixed experiences with the bread, one time it tasted really good and another time it tasted dry. If i’m paying basically 40/lb for a sandwich it better be ultra immaculate.


I’m assuming that you mean a kosher deli vs kosher style? There’s Schwatrz’s on Fairfax a little north of Canters and Pico Kosher Deli (Pico/Robertson area).


I was in the area and swung by for a late lunch just before 3pm, it was still decently busy. Greenspan was there overseeing the orders going out. My fist impression is that it’s not a deli at all and anyone thinking he is saying he is re-inventing the Jewish deli will be sorely disappointed. It’s a Kosher sub shop (and right next door to Sweet Rose Creamery)

I had the Jaffa and liked it, the bread is par baked and crisped up a bit before being filled. The falafel itself was on point, just wish they had some zhug on the side for it. They aren’t at the level of Wax Paper but I think it will be a good neighborhood place.

I do have a picture if I can figure out how to upload it from my phone!


So the white/wheat/gluten-free bread is a sub roll?


Do they claim to be a deli?


Update! Eric Greenspan has responded to the rye controversy:

“Agreed. A deli is not a deli if there isn’t rye bread. And that was initially the point. The fact that we are doing something new is exactly why I omitted the rye bread. It’s not the deli of your childhood but a sandwich shop that displays the beauty of Jewish food in more depth than meat on rye. But if everyone wants rye, then rye it is. Give me time to find a kosher source.”

Also is this true?


All Kosher establishments have a Mashgiach on site at all times. Our Mashgiach is a Rabbi whose job it is to ensure that our kosher establishment abides by the Kashrut (kosher rules, see above). Of course, there is more to Kashrut and Kosher foods than outlined here. Please talk to our Mashgiach if you have any questions or if you just want to say hello. Our Mashgiach is very friendly, happy to chat, and always here (literally, we can’t be open if he isn’t).

I imagine having a guy on payroll who just sits there can’t be cheap?