Europane - An Old Favorite in Pasadena


Europane’s like an old pair of jeans. They just fit. Perfect example is the egg salad sandwich. Not too much food, but enough for me. Served open faced on your choice of bread (I chose olive bread, which added some salt and texture). There’s a thin layer of what seems like tomato paste spread under the eggs which breaks up the taste, and I put a little Cholula on top to give it an extra zing. But it really didn’t need it. A delightful lunch.


Love the food at Europane, but the service has left me scratching my head…

Surprised you don’t find the egg salad to be gargantuan! Maybe I’m just not used to ingesting so much protein in one sitting…


Maybe it’s just me, but I find it’s size to be fine. It’s the amount of calories that must be sizeable. Still, it is delicious and worth seeking out.


Eat enough of those egg salad sandwiches, and no jeans will fit.

Old or new.


I believe sun-dried tomato pesto is beneath the egg salad.


I wonder if sometimes they just randomly add more egg? I feel like the sandwiches I’ve gotten have maybe a quarter or even a third more than what’s pictured. Or maybe I’m misremembering b/c of the feeling of bloat. :wink:


That egg salad is divine…and perfect with a salted caramel macaron for dessert.


Of the four or five times I’ve enjoyed it, “you got the last one today,” happened twice (and was shut out once). On the first time, the amount seemed overly generous. The second time I squeaked in, it seemed less than the usual from what I recall? It just didn’t seem to have the opulance of other experiences. This sure ain’t Subway, so portioning sandwich components like egg salad might vary.


Are Europane (345 E Colorado) and Euro Pane Bakery (950 E Colorado) owned by the same people? Just want to make sure I’m going to the right one for the egg salad sandwich. The pictures on Yelp look similar but there is no website to confirm that both establishments are owned by the same people.


Based on yelp pictures they both look like the fabled egg salad sandwich we are all referring to. I usually go to the 345 one.


ok thanks. I was hoping somebody would confirm that since I’m 4 blocks from there and can walk over.


My understanding is that they are owned by the same people (or at least were).


Might I suggest dining at one, then walking to and dining at the other…just to verify that they’re the same?


I asked the people behind the counter and they said its the same restaurant. It was very busy today and it looked like every other person was having the egg salad sandwich for Lent.

The egg salad was simple and delicious. I don’t think there are many ingredients besides eggs, salt, mayo and chives. It felt like I ate about 5 eggs on this baby.


“Be still, my beating heart…”


Went yesterday even though I had heard they were under new ownership. I was a little sad. Upon further thought, I find that I didn’t like it let alone love it. Too much mayo.


yes, that looks too wet. the beauty of the original was that the eggs were undercooked and runny, so less need for mayo. shame.


Whoa thats a lot of mayo especially when compared to my picture from March 2017. Such a great sandwich hopefully this is an anomaly.


I’ll be making visits in this neighborhood in the next couple of months. I’ll try it, again, next time. Will report back to verify.


that looks nothing like the OG egg salad sandwich.