Excellent Chongqing Chicken, Noodles and Dumplings Arrive at Best Noodle House! [Review]


excellent, thanks chowseeker and strongoxman…i’ll get out there soon…well, i guess i’ll still go to Best…just saw the cleaniness comments


So I was at BNH again this evening, and the lady owner came by my table to tell me that starting next month they’re going to be cooking some new dishes. I couldn’t really get much more, so I asked the waitress with the best English for some help, and she told me that the spicy chicken I love (Gele Mountain Style) will be coming back, maybe with some kung pao and another chicken dish? Apparently someone is coming back to the kitchen? But NOT the chef who left to start Chong Qing Special Noodles. I don’t have more info other than “next month,” and so I would recommend anyone with Mandarin abilities to try and get the complete scoop and report back!

I had the Wontons in Spicy Sauce and the Youpo Noodle with Ground Pork added, and both were fantastic, as always. The staff were quite welcoming, though they definitely noted it’s been a few weeks since I’d been in (shhhhh…don’t tell them I’ve been going to Chong Qing Special Noodles for that Gele Mountain Style Chicken). BUSTED!!


Thanks for the info @strongoxman. Nice sleuthing. :slight_smile: I’ll be looking forward to those new dishes.


New menu page with specials:

Of course I ordered the Gele Mountain Style Fried Chicken Cubes. I’ll report back after I eat them.


It looks really good! But the flavors are too muted. Needs to be spicier and saltier. There’s an excellent ginger component in this version that I really like, and the green onions are a really nice touch!

Here’s where I need your help: they totally asked me for feedback, and honestly it’s good, but not great. They just need to kick it up a notch or two so it has the same addicting spicy/salty quality to it that their original version (and current version at Chong Qing Special Noodles) had, as well as the boneless version at The Legendary Restaurant.

But their English and my Chinese aren’t able to communicate this nuance well. Can someone more familiar with the preparation of this dish and Mandarin check it out and help Best Noodle House improve? They’re such nice people and I love the other flavor complexities they’ve added to their version of the dish, I just need the spicy and saltiness to be a little bit bolder.


" 味道太淡了。 不夠辣。 不夠咸。 "


Thanks, but I think that part got communicated; where the nuance was lost is RE: what part of the preparation needs more flavor. They asked me if I wanted them to remake it with more spice, but I declined as I think the breading of the chicken is where it’s lacking, but I’m not familiar enough with the preparation of this dish to accurately say… I also think the dried chilis could use some more salt, too.

I think what would be most helpful is if someone here who is more skilled at languages than I and who also tried this dish before the original chef split could give some more specific feedback to the owner lady and staff.


FYI, the new chef who does all the expanded “House Specials” menu items apparently is off sometimes, meaning that menu availability is unpredictable. Today (Tuesday) he was off, and so upon learning all the new menu items I wanted to try weren’t available, I promptly left and drove to Chong Qing Special Noodles instead.

Does one need to call ahead to determine what kind of restaurant Best Noodle House will be each day?


" 老闆娘,帶回以前的廚師, Sergio . "


LOL!! Too funny…


We have experienced that on Tuesday’s as well going back several months.


So it’s a regular Tuesday thing. Okay… well can’t say I understand the mentality of bothering to open on a day when a large chunk of the menu is just not available and not having this fact published/advertised.

I forgot to check if they’re still closing on Thursdays now, too.

Good food, nice people, but I certainly hope the owner has more in business dollars coming in than she is losing in terms of business sense.


If she had more business sense, she wouldn’t own a restaurant.


Okay, now why’s that?


Restaurants are a tough business, even for those with strong business acumen.