Excellent Chongqing Chicken, Noodles and Dumplings Arrive at Best Noodle House! [Review]


Nice report @chewchow. Those Spicy Wontons are so good! :slight_smile: Love the numbing Szechuan Peppercorns.

@blackave glad to hear you enjoyed your visit as well. :slight_smile: Those Youpo Noodles and the Gele Mountain Chicken are also our favs. :slight_smile:


These noodles look amazing, and they actually look a lot like the Biang Biang Noodles with Pepper Oil that I love so much at Xi An Tasty - thick & wide noodles, sliced green onion, fistful of red chilis, landlines of garlic, sharp salty/vinegary sauce on the bottom. A great dish, and I wonder if there’s some connection or if it’s actually just a different name for the same thing?

Not sure how to put it into the post but this link is to a pic: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/xi-an-tasty-monterey-park-2?select=PoXPuE-ieS0nZevGIrBMUA


The other nights dinner. Youpo noodles + minced pork (+$1 or so) satisfied whatever noodle craving I had… So good…


Damn, which I knew you could a minced pork before!


After reading ips post above, I actually tried asking for lamb. The lady said no lamb, n suggested minced pork instead. It worked out quite well imo!


I think it’s a new addition. On one of the visits early on, I invited a friend who was a Chinese speaker with us, and they spoke with the owner who was recommending the menu. There was no mention of any additions.

So I think as they got settled in, these are new menu options (which is cool!). :slight_smile:


i was more than a little apprehensive as when i entered, the first thing i saw was a patron fanning his open mouth, then draining his cup and then the cup belonging to someone else at the table. so i went back to the car and got a towel as my capsaicin response looks more like a histamine response.

we also tried the pig ears & cucumbers.
pig ears are pig ears.

i’m used to smashed cucumbers with garlic/sesame oil/et al. these were more remiscent of japanese sunomono but more tart and less sweet,and something else in the flavor profile i didn’t stop to analyze more closely.

we also enjoyed the youpo noodles. i wonder who makes them; they’re on a par with the noodles i’ve had a liang’s, xian tasty, kam hong et al.

the chong qing noodles (#1 on the menu) were ok though the egg was something i don’t remember seeing with this version

finally, we had the spicy chicken.

minus the chicken


So I assume you liked the chicken?


just wished there was more of it and fewer peppers.

i had a similar dish at tasty dumpling house last friday

it was less expensive and had more actual chicken


You’re supposed to eat the peppers.

Why do you think that patron was “fanning his open mouth, then draining his cup and then the cup belonging to someone else at the table”?


Hi @secretasianman,

Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile: The Youpo Noodles are made in-house, not sure if it’s the chef, or another person back there.

Yah, we didn’t like the Chongqing Noodles (1) as much as their Dan Dan Noodles. Give that a try next time, and the Cold Steamed Chicken with Hot Sauce (Mouth Water Chicken). :slight_smile:

Their Wontons in Spicy Sauce are amazing as well.


I’m lucky if I eat a third of the chiles. They’re not very spicy. But they are dry and sort of chewy.

What’s worth digging around for are the tiny salty spicy savory ma la bits that are the remnants of the seasoning for the dish.


The youpo noodles are what spawned us to drive out here for lunch. After having those just once, it’s been a must-order for us.

The chicken dish that is either mouth-watering or is of saliva is another must-order. My wife says that the name of the dish is “mouth-watering,” and that to call it “saliva chicken” is disgusting. I told her she needs to take it up with droolers.


that was pretty funny to see.


my tolerance for capaiscin is limited. the first time i went to chengdu taste i had to go back to the car and wrap a towel around my head because i was perspiring so profusely. i think nosh was there to see that.


I hear you. My wife used to be a “fire breather.” She’s Chinese from Malaysia, which should make her comfortable with spicy heat levels up to Thai, Indian or Sri Lankan levels.

She was. She still loves spicy food but her heat tolerance has diminished. It could be her hormones (she’s heading into the pre-menopause years). It could be she’s “out of practice” as well.

Going from spicy dishes with spicy condiments to a spicy dish once in a while was a big change at first. Now when she eats an array of spicy dishes (four of five dishes at Best Noodle were chile-intensive), her face is flush and covered in sweat. I always rib her, saying how ashamed her parents would be of her lack of heat tolerance, and that she’s “turning Japanese.”



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