Excellent Chongqing Chicken, Noodles and Dumplings Arrive at Best Noodle House! [Review]


@ipsedixit @Chowseeker1999 Thank you for this! I have since visited (and really enjoyed!) Best Noodle House, and I did find the Youpo noodles pretty similar to (and just as delicious as) the biang biang noodles I’ve had around, despite the different names.

And it may not be worth anything significant, but on the wikipedia page for biangbiang noodles (which surprisingly is a real thing that exists), it lists 油潑扯麵 (yóupō chěmiàn) as an alternative Chinese name of the dish. I know absolutely nothing of the language, but thought that was interesting. From an abbreviated google search, it does seem like Youpo noodles are also a Shaanxi specialty. Regardless, great restaurant, great dish.


Hi @Srsly,

Really glad you liked Best Noodle House. Thanks for the notes on biangbiang noodles.


Time for a FTC biangbiang in the SGV…


looks like it’ll be getting the gold treatment soon


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Nice! What did you think of your visit? :slight_smile: Did you like the Mouth Water Chicken?


I haven’t been yet, but it’s on my list. That picture was supposed to be a link to jgold’s instagram, it’s fixed now.


Oh! I see. Thanks. :slight_smile:



Chef left to open a new restaurant in Rowland Heights; page 2 of the menu is all GONE! Which includes the wondrous Gele Mountain Fried Chicken and other House Specials.

Ordering Youpo Noodle to see if that’s still good, but needless to say I’m devastated about the loss of my fried chicken :sob:

EDIT: The Youpo Noodle was not as good as before, either. Noodles overcooked, not toothsome, and the overall flavor of the dish was watered-down and bland compared to before.

Server said they will be adding more menu next week, so since they’ve been so kind up until now, I’ll give the new menu a shot, but overall I’m more interested in finding out where in Rowland Heights the now-former chef is opening his new restaurant.




word of advice, unless youre near death, stay away from the levaquins, "floxins!




Crushing. At least I got the chance to try the cold-steamed chicken once; may it forever haunt my dreams.


Interesting fact: The Chinese character for “biang” is among THE most complex to write in the entire traditional Chinese language.


that’s enough characters to write a paragraph - almost.


Hi @strongoxman,

Darn! So sad. Thanks for the info. Please let us know if you find out where he went.


The waiter said he’d try to find out for me. At first, he told me the chef went back to China, but eventually came clean after I started asking follow-up questions. It took a bit to figure out despite his English being far better than my (nonexistent) Chinese, but eventually I got a “Shhh! Not so loud; I’m not supposed to say anything” after I realized that what sounded like “lowered lights” was actually “Rowland Heights” and the chef isn’t “out on leave” but left to open a new restaurant altogether.

I said I’d come back in a week or so once they have their new menu up, and if he’s there maybe I’ll get some intel. If anyone else has their ear to the sidewalk, however, please feel free to investigate and share, too!


that looks like all the chinese chess pieces consolidated into 1 character.


It’s like the turducken of Chinese characters…


Oh, now it’s all making sense. I went last weekend and couldn’t find that damned fried chicken for the life of me and thought that I was even more stupider than I’d previously thought. Good to know, though.

That said, I still really really like the dan dan noodles and wontons in spicy sauce.


No new or recent Sichuan places in Rowland Heights area that I’m aware of…well, as of the time I type this.