Extensive Paso Robles knowledge available to you on request


Been a dozen times and have done significant research.

-never spit bucket. soviet training


Going to be there for a night on the way down from our road trip. We stopped at Spearhead Coffe on the way up. Very nice coffee and an excellent chocolate chip cookie at 9:30am. We’re on vacation.

All the research I’ve done suggested Artisan and Hatch. We are only there for 1 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast. Anything better than these two?
Breakfast ideas?


Artisan used to be REALLY good 5+ years ago, but our last 3 meals there have been disappointing. I miss the old more intimate space. The new space feels like you’re eating at a Denny’s.

Sorry I don’t have better suggestions. I’m still searching for better food in Paso unfortunately.


Bruh… This was a wine posting for a wine subforum :slight_smile:
I hated Artisan last time. Hatch is probably favorite.


Sorry dude. Didn’t read the sub-forum.
Hit me up with one winery to hit in Paso Robles and your top 2 tasting rooms in town.


NP. i’m just goofing. There’s only 1 tasting room in town worth a visit and it’s the incredible Herman Story.

Winery, I’d have to now your tastes a bit but good stuff that grows well in the area I’d say maybe McPrice Myers, Ecluse


Stop by Tin City
Stop by Tin City
Stop by Tin City


Best wineries there? IMHO - Aaron, Jacob Toft, Clos Selene, Brian Benson, Nicora, Sans Liege, Desparada, Onx.

I WOULD agree that McPrice Myers is outstanding but you get more bang for your time at Tin City.


This area looks cute. We are only in Paso for a day so don’t have much time. We’ll have to plan a trip back up here. We only really have time to hit up 1 winery and 1 or 2 places in town.


I don’t know about bang for your buck. The two bottles I got from Aaron were in the $70s. Just opened one at Bestia. Amazing truly. I’ve had Desperada Cab before, very good.

Field Recordings is the best bang for buck, also in tin city. We go to Tin City after the wineries close so we can hang at the brewery and listen to music. But wine tasting is always best in wineries, not tasting room in industrial areas…


I don’t want to sound argumentative but also want to give a true picture for anyone reading.

  1. I didn’t say “bang for your buck”, I said “bang for your TIME”. And BTW, I just checked, and Aaron’s current offerings top out at $48.

  2. While a tasting room on vineyard property is certainly a more complete experience, the wineries at Tin City aren’t all just tasting rooms. They actually MAKE wine at some of them. We could go on forever about ‘virtual’ wineries. Half of California’s wineries don’t own any vineyards, yet lots of them make great wine.


Yes i agree with all of your points. We’ve been in tasting room areas like los olivos and wine ghetto and tin city a LOT. it’s a great way to taste a lot of stuff… just missing the aesthetic of beautiful places …

Thatcher for example. The old ranch of Lucky Baldwin with animals etc.

That’s good news about aaron. we bought our bottles in 2014 when tin city had 3 wineries. before Benson moved in


Herman Story was great. Excellent wine and the people place have a lot of character. Fun times. I can see why this place is popular

The other wines we really enjoyed was at Aaron. Very good pinot and a very nice dry old world style Riesling. Tin city is a cool spot. The ice cream next door was really good. Good creamy texture. Traditional flavors but you could taste all the ingredients.


Nice. Herman story isn’t very popular but it is amazing. Glad you hit up Aaron also. Miss that stuff. last 2 times in paso we didn’t go to tincity at all… that reminds me… we rented this Geo Dome last time… so dope