Fantastic Japanese Tapas (Izakaya) hits West Hollywood - Aburiya RAKU - pictures


and the aforementioned sashimi sampler platter is $25pp. For that $$$, I’d rather get 8 standard skewers .


Ahhh! Of course, that will be a problem for me (asking prices). But it’s time to get over it.

This will be a bit of a special occasion and we had planned to treat ourselves to Cut. But we’ve been indulging in a lot of concerts, festivals and restauranting this summer, so we may just tap out at Raku. But still, I don’t want to go too crazy. So thanks!


Good point @Ns1.

We had planned on ordering the sashimi moriawase. Maybe we’ll just get one of the salads @Chowseeker1999 loved or share a sampler. Posters seem to be really impressed with the quality of fish and knife cuts on the sashimi - good for Sushi School. :wink:



Hi @TheCookie,

You might consider just 1 of the fresh Sashimi for the night instead (slightly cheaper) (they usually have Kanpachi or Shima Aji - either of those 2 would be great). But it’s worth it. :slight_smile:


Okay, we’ll do that and possibly get the ken2 salad? On the menu the sashimi is listed as a salad, but I’m assuming that’s what y’all are referring too?


Hi @TheCookie,

Yah the ken2salad is delicious. :slight_smile: The Sashimi is on the Specials Board only. They will bring it by as you order (and explain what the daily specials are). :slight_smile:



We had a great time. Posted some Food on a Stick. Will do a nice - hopefully not too long, not too redundant - report very soon.

Thanks for all the pro tips peeps’!


Awesome! Looking forward to your report @TheCookie. :slight_smile:


Make sure to look at ALL the special boards that they bring to the tables, each one is usually slightly different.


BTW, @TheCookie, where’s your report?! :grin:


I know! How rude of me. You, @beefnoguy, @PorkyBelly et al were so helpful!

I’m in the middle of a Mr. Blandings Dream House hell. If someone doesn’t kill someone it will be a miracle.

Thanks for the nudge. I have my pictures edited and will do it tonight! But I’ll give you a hint… we loved it.


Remodel? If so, you poor thing!


Yes! And they’re on the accelerated plan - starting at 7:45 am six days a week! I’m grumpy!


I wish you folks luck. Remodeling is worse than pulling teeth.


How come?


Thanks! :grin: At this point the teeth pulling thing seems like the better option.


Allow me to go way off-topic to answer your question dear @ipsedixit, then I’ll really owe you guys a good food report.


I don’t see the problem here. What am I missing?


Blue people!!!


Been through it. Sympathetic. Need trigger warning on photo. Tile roof…construction dumpster…

Off to Top Round for some sort of roast beef sandwich, beef fat fries and a frozen custard concrete to chase away the flashback.

And, to stay on topic – off to Raku tomorrow night.