Fantastic Japanese Tapas (Izakaya) hits West Hollywood - Aburiya RAKU - pictures


you just blew my mind


Hi @PorkyBelly,

:smile: Yah and it was fantastic, eating freshly-made Onigiri from the Kamameshi right at the restaurant.


Not short, but definitely not boring @Chowseeker1999. Looks really exciting!

It’s amazing Aburiya Raku flies semi-under the radar (yay!). Is there any other place that excels on all levels? No.


Hi @TheCookie,

Hopefully there are some dishes here that you can try on your next visit! :wink: (and when are you going to post your last visit, hopefully it was good.) :slight_smile:


Hi @Nemroz,

How’d your dinner go? :slight_smile:


Moved it to V day (which is never on actual V day for us)


I’m getting there. Thanks for nudging me and always keeping updated during my absence. You’re the best. :kissing_heart:


Going there tonight can’t wait!


Foie gras on a stick. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Don’t share. :grin:


Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

Nice! Hope you have a good time. :slight_smile:


It was awesome! Used all of @Chowseeker1999’s photos as a guide.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the foie gras on a stick @A5KOBE

Went to dialogue a week ago and I enjoyed this meal so much more (I know they are different but in terms of a satisfying meal this was way better).

We got the following dishes: ojiya tofu, fried juicy chicken, ikura+uni with poached egg, kanpachi and golden eye snapper sashimi. For skewers: the tendon, chicken thigh, chicken breast in skin, pork jowl, tsukune, pork intestine, okra. Wish I had gotten more veggie skewers but I was too enamored with the meat.

Only complaint was our sparkling sake was too sweet.

Highlights were the okra, both sashimi dishes, and tendon. But everything was good, those were just the standouts. Will definitely go back again soon!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Great report, and yes, I use @Chowseeker1999’s photos as a guide when dining out also. :slight_smile:


Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

So happy you enjoyed your meal at Raku! :slight_smile:

For Sake, a couple of excellent choices to try that are cost-effective would be the Tedorigawa Kinka, and the Kirinzan.


You are too kind! :slight_smile:


I’ll have to keep an eye out for those next time!


Went crazy at Raku last night and finally clocked in at over $100pp with only 2 beers. Per usual, some crazy highs and some just okay or wouldn’t order again. Service was also a little spotty on a Saturday night. Clientele was a mix of WeHo and non-English speaking Japaense.

Highs were the yellowtail belly, sashimi moriwase ($35pp option), pork cheeks.

I personally would not order again the octopus special thing they have going on, the whole Spanish mackerel (2 ways), the tendon, or the intestines (sorry CS, I keep trying these based on your Rec but we seem to just have divergent tastes on this one).

Also a huge misfire IMO serving the tendon and foie together late in the meal. Was just so damn heavy.


Hi @Ns1,

Glad you liked some of the dishes. Sorry you didn’t like the intestines or tendon. Typing out those dishes it sounds strange and I never grew up eating those dishes at all. :sweat_smile:

But thanks to @Porthos @PorkyBelly and others to ones at Raku were totally unexpected and delicious for us. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up on the octopus, I’ve never seen that one before.


3rd? Raku Visit

This visit was not recent (July), but I promised a certain someone that I’d report. :wink: @Chowseeker1999

Our last 2 visits were early weeknights. No rez necessary “if you don’t mind the patio”. Uh, no we don’t mind…

To wet the beak

After having the light, crisp fruit of the Tedorigawa Kinka and the fuller Amabuki we wanted something a little drier this time. To help us choose, the waiter served a complimentary flight. Results? We’re definitely not ready to wing-it without help from this thread or possibly learning to speak Japanese. It was fine :neutral_face: but not a standout - the taste was a little flat. Calling @beefnoguy! We need a dry Sake rec.

But of course

We’ve already covered this perfect ground. I’ll just add this - I love that dark, salt or soy marinated (?) seaweed peaking out from behind the shiso leaf. Just a strand of it and a dot of wasabi on the Sashimi, and no soy sauce is necessary.

Oyaji Tofu

Our first time for this one. :heart_eyes: Some have described the consistency of this creamy, silky house made tofu as being like ricotta cheese. It’s better. But I could imagine folding this tofu, the toasted garlic & chili sauce, the tangy mustard greens and the chives into warm noodles. It would be a vegan’s pasta dream.

Asajime Teba Chicken Wings

I have to part with the group on these. Wings are hard to get right, especially when grilling. To me these are unevenly cooked. I remember this little no name place on Wilshire/San Vicente (now Continental Kitchen) who served the perfect little Yakitori Wings. They closed years ago, but I still miss those wings.

Tsukune-Grilled Asajime Ground Chicken

These were even better than the first time. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Grilled Asparagus

We spread these w/a little of the smokey garlic chili sauce from the Oyaji Tofu.

There were probably more pieces but no pictures.

TBC… We went to Raku again last week. :blush:


Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks for reporting back, so glad you had a great time again at Raku! :grin:

I’ll leave it up to our Sake guru @beefnoguy, but on Raku’s current Sake menu, after the Tedorigawa that you tried, perhaps the Kirinzan Junmai Daiginjo for next visit? Ask them for a small taste (they’re usually happy to oblige) and see if you like it, but it’s one of our favorites now. :slight_smile:


For best photography lighting while dining at Raku? Fuck yes! to the patio. The natural light results in such better photos. Kudos!