Farmers market, currently in season PSA


Here or Chowhounds? Doesn’t sound like FTC behavior…although I have had a run in with the authorities…escaped with a mere scrape.


Members seem to exile themselves around these parts.


It was a joke… get it… melons? I’m sooooo funny


Oops. I am so obtuse.


Ha’s Korean melons are killing it right now. Expensive AF cuz priced per pound but… the aromatics are worth it.

Also, Tenerelli is on peak peach right now.


Tenerelli Orchards is also at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market on Sundays, Love that market. Very low key and has excellent vendors. Easy parking. Grandview and Venice.


Magic Myrna potatoes from Weiser Farms. The lady started giggling when she told me the name. I love these, very creamy. The skin is pink with white stripes and the inside is yellow.


I love those potatoes. I just roast them with a little garlic, olive oil and rosemary. They are the best potato out there right now.


It’s nearing the end of tomato season and I’ve been eating them in every way shape and form.

At Mar Vista, Gloria’s sells seconds of their beautiful heirlooms for $1 a pound. And they’re very nice seconds, perfect for gazpacho, sauces or smearing on some grilled bread.

**$3 for three pounds of heirloom tomatoes **


I love heirlooms and $1/lb is insane!!! i got excited when I saw that Gelson’s is having them on sale this weekend for $3.99/lb.


Take those tomatoes whole and grate them into a bowl using the large wholes on the grater leaving the skin behind .Around a cup . Add a little salt , a tiny bit of pureed garlic, with olive oil and stir. Spread on grilled bread . I have been using the dry farmed early girls . I’ m addicted .


This isn’t really an “in season” item, but I wanted to let you know that this is very excellent vegetable broth. I found it at the Korean booth, they sell at different farmers markets, including Mar Vista, this the Culver City market. I buy from this vendor fairly often and this is first time I’ve noticed vegetable broth, it may be new. Flavorful as heck and it actually tastes like vegetables, not mushrooms or fake chicken.

Now that soup season is here, I think it will be handy to keep some in the the freezer.

Vegetable broth, $12 for half-gallon.

Gourmet Korean Food vendor (photo from Yelp).





Time to revive this thread. It’s springtime in Los Angeles, I don’t care what the calendar says.

My first thing I found that is fabulous is this “purple broccoli”. It looks like rapini, but with purple flowers, and has a very delicate taste. The lady at Weiner Farms have me a stalk for a sample and I’m going back for more.

And a personal gripe: why don’t the people manning the stands ever know the actual variety of the fruit or vegetable they are selling? So annoying. “French baking apple.” “Purple broccoli.” Really? That’s what the seed packet says?


So true. I really don’t think it’s much to ask.


IME there is someone at each stand that knows… Just last week I asked about the carrots at ‘in the garden of…’ and was told Yaya. Someone had purple brussel sprouts last week. Rhubarb was looking good, A few stands had stinging nettles


I want stinging nettles!


Harry’s Berries are back in season! Not as strawberry candy sweet as they will be in a couple months, but I’m happy to have them.


I found a cheese man at the Marina del Rey farmers market this morning. My first time visiting this market.

littleEatalay cheeses:

The guy was so nice and gave me so many tastes, even when I said no more; maybe he was bored. :slight_smile: The cheese is all so good. The mozzarella is amazing. There are also olives, bottled peppers, balsamic syrup, and various other items, all imported.

This is a picture of a pelican. We didn’t eat it.

The farmers market also has an artisanal baker for all things sourdough, and a Chinese lady selling medicinal teas.


Where is this market and on what day?