Farmers market, currently in season PSA


Marina del Rey, next to Chase Park., Saturday 9-2.


Green (fresh) garbanzo beans; flowering dill; and pistachios.

Santa Barbara Certified Farmers’ Market, Saturdays, downtown.


Green garbanzos! Gjelina does a great version when they’re in season, but I’ve never seen them in their natural state.


Hi @Bookwich,

Wow, nice! I haven’t seen fresh garbanzo beans like that either. Thanks. :slight_smile: Do you remember the farmer / stand you bought it at?



I don’t, it was towards the end and the farmer was really nice, but we didn’t have time to chat much.


A lot of middle eastern/indian markets will carry fresh green garbanzos when available. I just saw them at the Simi Valley Valley Produce a couple weeks ago. They are still in the pods, but not on the stems.


Best beef stock bones I’ve ever found. $5/lb, and worth every penny. My dog is so happy.

Rancho San Julian, Santa Barbara FM

Edit to add: First I make a stock, and a secondary stock. Then the dog gets the bones.


not a farmers market, but:

the NORTHGATE chain of latino supermarkets has carried fresh garbanzos since last spring.

(the one near me sometimes runs out on sunday evenings, though)


Picked up some lovely purple Brussels sprouts last week at the SM Farmer’s Market. Don’t think they’re in season now though.


Ameracuana chicken eggs from Lily’s Farm at Playa Vista farmers’ market.

I highly recommend these; the hens are a Chilean breed. The yolks are very rich. Once I got a rotten egg and I didn’t care one whit, because these are the best eggs I’ve found.


White sapote, taste like cherimoya crossed with ripe pear. Grab a lb!!


You’re doing summer right!


San Diego Little Italy Saturday Market


If you come across this vendor, stop!

We found Carlos Gonzalez and his fantastic tomatoes last September at a little start-up farmers market in DTLA. When I say start-up I mean the first weekend he was the only produce guy. But one guy is all you need if it’s the right guy.

Carlos is a seed man. He loves talking seeds, buying seeds, selling seeds, trading seeds with other seed men and even hordes seeds he can’t bare to part with - like a rare wine you can’t bare to open.

“The uglier the better” Brandywine / Cherokee Purple / Pineapple Express. Speaking of fine wine, each tomato has a different note - sweet & acidic, tropical, earth & mineral.

…So, I do like tomatoes. Let me rephrase, Carlos’ heirloom tomatoes! The sadness of my food life is that I don’t love tomatoes unless they’re cooked or the occasional sweet baby or cherry tomato. I love things derived from the tomato - sauce, ketchup, bloody marys :relaxed:. I want to like tomatoes so bad that I order them on sandwiches, then take them off so just the essence remains. Okay, but these? I kept sneaking into the kitchen at night for one more slice, like they were cookies. I thought this was the beginning of a whole new tomato loving Me. So I tried the heirlooms at Whole Foods… Nah, Just Carlos’.

Mostly we ate them with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of finishing salt, but they begged us to put them in a BLT… We complied.

One with Red Kale & One with Curly, both w/Applegate Farm’s Uncured Sunday Bacon and lotsa’ Veganaise.

…Onto the other Veggies.

Zapallito from Argentinian seeds. IIRC It is like Zucchini, spongy, but denser, making it easier to get a crispy sear on the outside without becoming watery.

Green Bell Peppers, Black Kale, Curly Kale, Dandelion Greens, Summer Squash (zapallito).

He gave me the Carrot Leaves. I like to use them in place of parsley for full carrot-y-ness.

I think this is one of the organizers, and a fan. Carlos wanted me to snap him eating that huge tomato, so…

Sorry, I don’t have specifics on locales yet - waiting for a response to message. We were on a reporting hiatus during this period, but took loads of pics @Chowseeker1999. TBC…


Great photos and great report!


Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks for the great report and pics. :slight_smile: Once you try ripe, in-season, heirloom tomatoes your whole perspective changes, right? :wink: It did for us as well! They taste nothing like the supermarket tomatoes that are usually bland or tart, lacking any sweetness or fragrance.

That BLT looks so good! :heart:

I’ll have to keep an eye out for this vendor, but is Carlos only at Downtown LA Farmers Market?


These pics make me want to weep :slight_smile: Does SoCal have a second season? We “up north” don’t and I’m already dreading the end of the season. Tonight’s dinner was a BBQ chicken breast, yellow crookneck squash and Vidalia onion. So very, very good.

Thanks a gazillion for sharing this. xoc


Cookie … I am floored!


Oops, I forgot about the peach…which I brushed with a little Kinder BBQ sauce. More MMMMM.


WOWZA! Great report @TheCookie!