Fast Eats near Westside Pavilion (Pico), Wednesday Evenings



The Strawberry Donuts I had at Donut Man last weekend were just fine. Incredibly fine, actually.

The blueberry cake donuts weren’t too shabby either.


You know, I don’t think I’ve ever tried their blueberry donuts. And I actually prefer cake donuts. Thanks for the tip.


Very nearby, slightly east:
Jeff’s Gourmet Sausage Factory, 8930 W. Pico
A Food Affair, 1515 Robertson (just off Pico)


to my palate,
their burgers had a sort of deep-fat-fried texture to them, like they had been fried up in a pool of their own rendered beef fat instead of draining the fat off as it cooked off.

never understood the adoration that place gets. . . . .


somehow or other whole foods has been able to secure some terrific strawberries lately, as have my local farmers’ markets.
there is no excuse for making strawberry pie if you’re unable or unwilling to procure good strawberries–whatever the reason,


Okay, I am so with you on that. I feel just as strongly about being served caprese salad before the tomatoes are in season, and perfect.


Round 2 was at the Westside Tavern. Decent chicken club. Chips were pretty good too. That said, for $20, I’d rather go to Panera Bread. Problem with dining alone is that it’s difficult to try multiple menu items.

On to the next one!


many people love apple pan, if you don’t return, it does not change their profitability.

they figured out something that truly works for them.

pies are very good.