Favorites at Trader Joe's?


Yes, you can use whipping cream when a recipe calls for heavy cream. However, I wouldn’t use shelf stable cream at all. Ultra-pasteurizing gives cream a grainy texture and a chalky flavor.

One of the few products I like at Trader Joe’s is the cream that is pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized. It has a sweet, clean flavor and a lovely texture. I use it to make homemade caramels in addition to using it whenever I want whipped cream. Warning, it has a short shelf life.


Thanks SO much. What about in something like this?


Yes, the pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized) cream would be perfect for that recipe. Enjoy.


Thanks. I don’t generally keep cream on hand so this would be a nice addition to my ‘just got home and nothing to cook.’


When I lived in Italy I used to keep UHT cream on hand. It was good for cooking.

You can substitute whipping cream for heavy cream if you don’t mind the additives.


As an aside, when you lived in Italy, is that how milk was packaged? In Rio, so I assume all of Brazil, all milk is in tetrapaks, and maximum of one liter. Most was room temp but they kept some refrigerated. I’ve never thought to ask anyone if kids don’t guzzle milk :slight_smile:


In Italy, both shelf-stable and refrigerated fresh milk come in used to come in boxes. Fresh now comes in plastic bottles or in cartons with screwcaps.



I add a dollop of yoghurt



They were sampling it - I try a number of things that way. It’s got a “marinade” that you remove the fish from. Cook over medium two minutes a side covered, then add the marinade and cook one minute over low. It was really good and I’ll be getting more for the freezer.


Surprisingly good find was the Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches. At 180 cal each and about 2.5 in wide, just the right size for me. Brownie cookie wasn’t thick and it was nicely studded with crunchy chocolate bits. Coffee ice cream for the filling wasn’t too sweet. Hope this stays around for a while.


Ohhhhhh. I need to find those - now!


I think I hate you for bringing those to my attention. I will curse your name when I scarf down the entire box in one sitting.




Cheap white taste-off: four Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs, a Western Cape blend, and a Hungarian Grüner.


Results please??

We’ve been pleased with the Sauvignon Republic and Picton Bay or Tuatea will do in a pinch. Haven’t tried the others.


Haven’t even opened them yet.


I think the $6 Raorao is the winner. I don’t like the 2017 Sauvignon Republic ($8? $9) as much as previous vintages.


Comparing them tonight, I like the Tuatea as much as the Picton Bay, so since it’s a dollar cheaper that’s my #2.


Also on the beer/wine front, the Providential Golden Ale is an insanely good deal. It’s brewed by one of my favorite breweries, Unibroue, and only about $5 a bottle. Unibroue also brews La Fin Du Monde, possibly my favorite beer ever, which TJs also carries at a very reasonable price.


Thanks. Will look fir it soon.