Favorites at Trader Joe's?


Not sure where you are in LA but I’ve seen it @ TJs 3rd/la brea, Hollywood,& silver lake (all on my regular rotation)


I picked up some zhug at TJs and thought it was just ok. However, I noticed the ingredients were the same as in the chutney Zam Zam serves. So I added some yogurt and lemon juice and the result was pretty darn close to Zam Zam!

Me neither but this Golden Ale is the exception. You’ll recognize the Unibroue taste immediately.


BTW Trader Joe’s has some great sweet cherries right now. I made a very tasty cherry clafoutis with them the other day.


Clafoutis: with pits or without?


With because it’s authentic … and I’m lazy!


Me too!


With pits, but the cherries should be sour.


Petrus Aged Pale, $9 for the house-labeled 750ml.


Currently in stock: tiger striped figs. Deliciously sweet and tender. I don’t taste a discernible difference with the usual green figs, but they sure look pretty.


WHEE!!! I look forward to these all year!



Warning: not a favorite…Apple Caramel Whole Milk Greek yogurt. I’m not sure if I can explain why I don’t like it…but I just don’t. The texture and taste is odd to me. Good thing I only bought one to try with my Republique granola. I miss the citrus medley.


chicken shawarma thighs in the meat section - not shawarma at all, but tasty AF


I’ve been eying that since they arrived in store—the only thing holding me back is that I would prefer to grill the chicken and I don’t have any outside space, so no grill :frowning:


First time for me, they were sampling wine (and cheese) today! Bought one of each. I’ve seen that once at WF and the only other time in Santiago Chile about 20 years ago. Wonder why more don’t do it.


Wait, do you mean first time ever at a TJ’s???




Wine details please! Cheese too … I suppose.


In California, stores have to get a particular liquor license for the part of the premises where they will have wine tastings. It’s a lot of paperwork.


Makes sense, I suppose. They had it set up between the spirits and the wines.


Couldn’t find the label for the cheese but it’s a gouda. Here’s the wine: