Favorites at Trader Joe's?


Several days later, definitely the still very drinkable $5 Mbali over the $5 Hungarian Gruner, which may mostly go down the drain.


Two of our local TJs checked so far. Neither has the Raorao. :o(


Thanks for the heads up! I rarely by beer at TJ’s but Unibroue is one of my favorite breweries as well. Will check this one out


Not sure where you are in LA but I’ve seen it @ TJs 3rd/la brea, Hollywood,& silver lake (all on my regular rotation)


I picked up some zhug at TJs and thought it was just ok. However, I noticed the ingredients were the same as in the chutney Zam Zam serves. So I added some yogurt and lemon juice and the result was pretty darn close to Zam Zam!

Me neither but this Golden Ale is the exception. You’ll recognize the Unibroue taste immediately.


BTW Trader Joe’s has some great sweet cherries right now. I made a very tasty cherry clafoutis with them the other day.


Clafoutis: with pits or without?


With because it’s authentic … and I’m lazy!


Me too!


With pits, but the cherries should be sour.


Petrus Aged Pale, $9 for the house-labeled 750ml.