Favorites at Trader Joe's?


That sucks!! I’ve seen it but just have never got around to trying it…I’ll def pass now


I would.

I thought it would be a fast, easy and tasty mid-week dinner. Not so much. I think their fresh pastas and dried Italian pastas are much better but the lure of the quick, one pot meal…


Not restaurant quality by any means but not nasty. Works for me as a snack at home.


I wasn’t expecting restaurant quality, but I was expecting the gnocchi to be lighter–not dense and chewy/gummy and was hoping for better flavor from the sauce.

I like TJs dried pastas from Italy and some of their fresh pasta, but for me, I think I should stay away from the frozen stuff.


Their frozen sweet potato gnocchi is a favorite of mine. Makes for an easy and delicious weeknight dinner.


Oh, I was referring to the chicken XLB’s :blush:

For pasta at TJ’s, I stick to the dried. Too many risks with frozen ones. Of course, you can return it but that can be a PIA.


ahhhhh—didn’t catch that your reply was for the XLB. hahaha (still getting used to the non-threaded threads). I haven’t gotten around to trying them yet. Glad to hear that they are are decent! I’m looking forward to checking them out!


yes, but don’t get too excited. you must lower your bar. waaay lower. i started to imagine Din Tai Fung while warming them but then had to come back to reality. It’s TJ’s!


yes, well–not expecting DTF…As long as the quality/texture/flavor is comparible to some of their other dumplings (shu mai/various pot stickers) than it will be a good quick n easy tasty snack.


ok, I just heated them up----and pretty tasty. I was expecting a little more soup inside, but I liked the green onion taste. your right—good snack!


I had them for lunch today – same assessment as you. Not enough soup inside but they are tasty. I’ll be a repeat buyer.


my favorite item at TJs… the chocolate covered bananas that is.


My dog likes the organic chicken & liver dry food…it’s one of their newer offerings


Firecracker chocolate; goat milk yogurt; mini goat cheese medallions, Omega 3 organic eggs and truffle salami (it’s back again this season).

Used to like the low-fat organic yogurt in vanilla bean, but was very disappointed when I tried it 2 days ago – they had changed the formulation so it no longer contains the vanilla bean flecks (a vanilla flavored gel was added to the bottom instead).


Pumpkin Ice Cream - seasonal - get it now!


Frozen pot stickers
Dark chocolate, the thick bar (can’t always find)


Paneer Tikka Masala
Lamb Vindaloo
Garlic Naan
Apple Walks Into a Bar bars
Tapicoa Pudding
Mediterranean Hummus
Hummus/Pita Chip snack pack (kids’ favorite snack for school)
Almond Butter (roasted/salted)
Speculoos Cookie Butter
Turkey Meatballs
Kettle Korn


Not food related, but the toilet paper is top notch and really affordable.


I also like their eggs…have never tried the truffle salami. Thx for the tip!

I’m kind of a no-go right now on their organic Greek yogurt. It tasted nasty the last time I had it. Maybe it wasn’t “fresh” or something.


@snoozebutton Good to know, thanks! Different brand and store, but I bought some Chobani greek yogurt on sale at Target a few months ago and the 99 cents store prior to that and I’ll never buy it again because “fool me twice, shame on me.”